Boston College offensive tackle could be the first lineman off the board in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft. Check out our exclusive scouting report on him.

Anthony Castonzo
6’7, 311 pounds | Offensive tackle | Boston College

Agility: Castonzo shows good initial quickness off the ball. Has fluid movement out of his stance. Does a nice job changing direction in drills and also on sweeps.

Shows very good speed, agility and balance to provide potential in space and when moving. Shows excellent effort in trying to get downfield or outside to execute a block. Castonzo has not been asked to move much at left tackle and could improve in this area with proper NFL coaching and strength training.

Pass blocking: Has good initial quickness out of a two or three-point stance. Does a nice job getting depth in his back-step and slides. Has pretty good balance and shows a nice shuffle from side-to-side in mirror drills. Has great length in arms and legs. Can show bad leverage at times. Needs to consistently bend at the knees instead of waist-bending when tired. May not be strong enough to hold up against bull rushes in the NFL.

Has the quickness to jump out of his stance and set up against the edge rush. Can be turned by speed rushers and may see a move to right tackle because of this. Is very quick off the ball in run blocking.

Run blocking: Stuns defenders with his quickness off the ball and does a great job getting under the defender. Can lose leverage due to height. Does not sustain blocks for a long period of time. Can get too high and too wide in blocking. Could benefit from adding strength to his frame. Is a strong technician but needs to add physical strength to his game.

Here is one area where improvement is needed, but should come easily. Castonzo is simply not as strong as he should be. He has a frame that could carry another 20 lbs of muscle, easily. This will help in every facet of the game.

Technique: Will fire out of his stance a little high at times. Needs to become more flexible to better fire out and to maintain leverage. Has a nice punch and slide step. Shuffles his feet well and can mirror and slide well. He is quick enough to cut block or jump out to set the edge against a pass rush. Must do a better job using his long arms to keep pass rushers from getting in to his chest.

Final word: Castonzo holds the Boston College all-time record with 53 career starts- every game in his career. He also won the Scanlan Award, BC’s highest honor, after his senior season. Castonzo will be a high-class professional on and off the field. In him an NFL team is drafting a high-character, hard-working player who may not have the high ceiling of other offensive tackles but also does not carry the risk either.

Castonzo should not see himself fall past the Colts with the 22nd pick in the first round.