Joe Gaiter: Who is Delano Green?

Delano Green: I work hard everyday, I bring positive energy to a team, I love my teammates during good and bad days, and I am willing to do what ever it takes to win a Superbowl!

Joe Gaiter: What is your biggest strength on the field?

Delano Green: My biggest strengths on the field is my ability to take slants, screens, and punts to the end zone! Also my break away speed is another strength I have.

Joe Gaiter: How will you prove yourself on the field?

Delano Green: I will prove myself by making explosive plays when I have the ball in my hands. I will run smooth routes, meaning knee over toes, when I am about to break down on a route for I will not slip, and I will give it all I have on every rep.

Joe Gaiter: What is the hardest part about playing your position?

Delano Green: The hardest part of playing my position is blocking 250 pound LB when you only way 170-175 pounds.

Joe Gaiter: How will you elevate your skills to a NFL level?

Delano Green: I will have to train harder than I did in College and react to things faster. I will have to train my twitch muscles to react faster and all of this will show on Pro day, all the hard work I have put in to get ready for the biggest job interview of my life.

Joe Gaiter: What will you miss the most about playing at Temple University?

Delano Green: What I will miss the most is getting all my brothers hype in the locker room, and coming out of the tunnel at Lincoln Financial Field. Also helping out the young guys who come and play as true freshmen.

Joe Gaiter: What NFL player has your style of play?

Delano Green: Desean Jackson #10

Joe Gaiter: What goals do you have for the NFL?

Delano Green: My goals for the NFL is to build a relationship with the coaches and players show my love for the game, win a Superbowl and be there for my family.

Joe Gaiter: What are your hobbies off the field?

Delano Green: I enjoy reading Tupac books, listen to music, eating and spending time with my family.

Joe Gaiter: Who has been your biggest influence in your football career?

Delano Green: My biggest influence in my football career has been my family because they have influenced me and motivated me to go out and work hard as I can in order to better my situation.