It’s tough to bet on NFL future odds right as it looks more and more unlikely that there will be an NFL season, and right now, the players are attempting to convince the incoming rookies to skip the draft in New York City in late April. However, we’re going to go on the premise that
everything will be sorted by the time the draft rolls around, and when/if it happens, there will be a lot of good quarterbacks who could help NFL teams.

Cam Newton, Auburn

Newton is a physical freak who has incredible leadership qualities, which showed while carrying Auburn to the national title, while snatching the Heisman award in the process. He needs work on some fundamentals, like footwork and reading progressions, but the sky is the limit for Newton.

Blaine Gabbert, Missouri
Gabbert impressed at his pro day, and he reminds some of Sam Bradford, who went to St. Louis as the first overall pick last year and had a great rookie season. He’s also more athletic than you think he’d be.

Ryan Mallett, Arkansas

Mallett has the strongest arm of the three, but his accuracy can be off at times and he has been known to have some character issues. He also has struggled in a few big games. Mallett is reminiscent of Chicago’s Jay Cutler.

Jake Locker, Washington

Locker is the most intriguing of the bunch, and many thought he would be the No.1 pick if he had come out last year. Like Gabbert, a better athlete than you think and he’s an intelligent player.

Andy Dalton, TCU

The sleeper of the bunch, Dalton isn’t an athlete like the rest of the group, but he may be the best pure quarterback of them all. He is also a proven winner, and comparable to Colt McCoy, who should start in Cleveland after starring at Texas.