Scott Porter: What do you feel are your greatest accomplishments?

Joe Horn: I’d say my favorite memory was Senior night this past fall. I had 6 touchdowns in the game vs.Lake Eerie college. It was a great way to go out and end my career like that. I had a kick return for a touchdown, 4 receiving touchdowns and 1 rushing touchdown in the game. It felt so great to end my career at Ashland with a game like that. I showed a lot of people what I was about and capable of doing. Another favorite accomplishment of mine was being part of the first playoff win in school history vs. Mankato State. That was a very special moment for us as a team to bring that to a great team with a great tradition and being able to celebrate that with everyone.

Scott Porter: How did your pro day go and what was the experience like?

Joe Horn: My pro day went very well it was a very good experience for me. I met with 29 different NFL teams during it and it was just an amazing feeling that I felt went very well. A lot of scouts had never heard of me so I was glad they got to finally see what I was capable of doing. I did my best and came away very happy with how I performed. A lot of issues that people had was that on our site I was listed at 175. I came in at 192. I had a 10 foot broad jump, vertical of 34 .5, 10 reps on the bench so I felt that I posted some great numbers and opened some eyes. I think I really surprised some people. I was faster, stronger and bigger than most had thought. I must have impressed them because it was scheduled to go from 8-9 but they asked me to stay with Dane Sanzenbacher and do some more drills. There was a total of 12 of us and 3 of us were asked to stay. They then gave us a wonderlic, personality and a bunch of paper work to fill out. The others went and I stayed so I felt it was a great opportunity and blessing. I am so excited right now to do all of this. I will be attending another pro day in Cincinnati on March 28.

Scott Porter: What would you tell those people who have never heard of Ashland and will downgrade your abilities due to going to a smaller school?

Joe Horn: Well, I would have to say I am only able to beat the people I am allowed to play against. I’ve been very successful wherever I have played and whoever I have played against. I did the best I could and keep growing and preparing to play at the next level against the top competition. I am preparing myself the best I can for when the opportunity comes and I have done all of the right things and have excelled at my level to the best of my ability. I would tell those people that if you’re good enough they will find you. I would tell them to put on the film and scout me to see my ability. I am a great route runner and do all the things the right way and do them all well just watch the film on me. I had a full-ride offer to Princeton and when I decided to go there things didn’t work out so I couldn’t attend college there. When I came back to tell other teams that the opportunities/offers I had with the other teams was too late because they had already filled up their scholarship offers to other players. I was Princeton’s #1 recruit but it just didn’t work out in the end. With most teams already filled I ended up at Ashland. I could have transferred to another school after I was successful at Ashland but I promised them I wouldn’t so I stayed true to my word.

Scott Porter: Who has been your biggest influence throughout your career?

Joe Horn: I would say my grandpa and dad have been my biggest influences throughout my college time here at Ashland. They have encouraged and pushed me. My grandpa helped train me to be the player I am now. I am from a very small town and it’s easy to be satisfied with being the best and dominating but they taught me to never be satisfied to reach all of my abilities. I always wanted and worked to get better because of them.

Scott Porter: What do you feel are your greatest strengths?

Joe Horn: I think for me it is my ability to extend the play. I am great at picking up yards after the catch. I am a great short route runner and then taking that and making big plays. I am able to get open and find the open seems in the defense. I am good at getting up the field. I have good speed and am a good deep threat.

Scott Porter: What are your hobbies off the field?

Joe Horn: I love following sports. I was a sports major here at Ashland and it’s my life. Right now I am boxing at a training facility and playing a lot of racquetball and golf. I am always looking to try a new sport. Those are my biggest hobbies.

Scott Porter: What are your goals for the NFL?

Joe Horn: Obviously my first goal is to make it to the NFL. Once that happens I want to make an impact and excel on special teams. I started and did well on special teams here all 4 seasons. I think it makes me more marketable.

Scott Porter: What player in the NFL reminds you of yourself?

Joe Horn: Brandon Stokley. A lot of people say I remind them of Stokley because of how well he plays in the slot and extends drives. He has a great ability to stretch the field like I do. Jordan Shipley of the Bengals is another player. He keeps the offense on a schedule with his short route running and his good speed to make big plays.