As the NFL Draft approaches we thought it would be wise to educate the readers on how we grade players, and also to institute a new player grading system for all scouting reports and player rankings.

We will be adding our grades in this week as we begin to finalize scouting for the upcoming draft class.


New Era Scouting Prospect Grade Chart and Letter System

Grade       Draft Profile          
10.0 Elite, once-in-a-decade player
9.0 Exceptional, first-game starter, will become one of best at his position in NFL
8.5 Rookie starter, will become top-tier player (All-Pro) at his position in NFL
8.0 Rookie starter, becomes top player (Pro Bowl) at his position in NFL
7.5 Rookie starter, first round draft pick, may have blackmarks
7.0 Rookie starter, first or second round draft pick, may have blackmarks
6.6-6.9 Very good, rookie starter/contributor, definitely starting Year 2
6.0-6.5 Has one deficient area, should become solid contributor, future starter
5.6-5.9 Has one deficient area that should overcome. Career backup
5.0-5.5 Free agent with ideal characteristics, missing one or two traits
4.0 NFL Reject
Letter Definition
B Lacks ideal bulk/can improve
c Character problems
D No issues, developmental
f Lacks ideal bulk/cannot improve
J Underclassman
m Lacks football IQ
O Overachiever
p Projected to move to new position
s Lacks speed
t Tight/not flexible
u Underachiever (not physical)
x Injury
z Lacks height


Player Explosion Number definition

Bench Press (reps) + Vertical Leap + Standing Broad Jump = Explosion Number