Scott Porter: What do you feel are your biggest strengths?

Mike Mohamed: I think I am an all-around linebacker whose motor never gives in.

Scott Porter: What type of a person is an NFL team getting in Mike Mohamed?

Mike Mohamed: A play-maker who works hard and is a great teammate.

Scott Porter: What is the toughest part about playing the LB position?

Mike Mohamed: Knowing not only what I have to do but what everyone else does as well.

Scott Porter: What are your goals for the NFL?

Mike Mohamed: Right now my only goal is to make a team, then I will reevaluate

Scott Porter: Which NFL player reminds you of yourself and why?

Mike Mohamed: Karlos Dansby of the Dolphins. I’ve seen film on him and I think we move/have a similar skill set.

Scott Porter: Who has been your biggest influence throughout your career?

Mike Mohamed: Definitely my parents for their guidance and support.

Scott Porter: How would you describe your style of play?

Mike Mohamed: Tough nosed and blue collar.

Scott Porter: What are your hobbies off the field?

Mike Mohamed: All different types of music and movies.

Scott Porter: What is your favorite meal?

Mike Mohamed: Any meal as long as you give me a nice steak with it.