Scott Porter: What do you feel are your biggest strengths?

Richard Medlin: I am a very quick learner. I am a self motivator and a leader on and off the field. I lead by example and on the field.

Scott Porter: What are your goals for the NFL?

Richard Medlin: My first goal is to make an NFL roster. I want to be the best person on and off the field I can. I want to help make an organization a much better team and give back to the community. Giving back to the community is very important to me. I also want to win a Super Bowl, it has been a dream of mine since I was a child. I just want to help a team in any way that I can.

Scott Porter: What NFL player reminds your of yourself?

Richard Medlin: I have been told that I remind people of a few different players. The first of which is Bears RB Matt Forte and also Houston Texans Arian Foster. I like both of those comparisons a lot, but have had successful NFL careers thus far and I have similar running styles. I have also been told that I remind people of Fred Taylor.

Scott Porter: What do you feel are your greatest accomplishments?

Richard Medlin: I think one of my greatest football accomplishments is that I read the entire country in KR average. I was the leader of every division in KR AVG. I averaged 41.6 yards per KR. I also helped and played an important role in bringing a championship to the school.

Scott Porter: Who has been your biggest influence throughout your career?

Richard Medlin: That is a very tough question there have been so many. I would have to start out with my family they give me the motivation to go out there every day and work hard to reach my dream. They have taught me to strive and move forward and work hard at whatever I do. They have helped me out so much with everything, not just football.

Scott Porter: What is the toughest part about playing the RB position in your opinion?

Richard Medlin: I would say one of the toughest parts is that people expect you to run and block at the same time and they expect you to always make a big play. Every time the ball is in your hands they expect you to do something big. They don’t realize how hard it can be and how much you have to depend on execution from others to help you make the big play. I would say to answer this questions that you’re expected to be very independent on the field and find a way to make the play no matter what.

Scott Porter: What will you be doing from now until NFL draft time to prepare yourself for your opportunity in the NFL?

Richard Medlin: Right now I am working out in Raleigh, North Carolina. I have been training very hard for my pro day. I am working out every single day to prepare myself. I am working on getting mentally ready as well as physically improving myself. I have been focused and continue to work hard at reaching my dream. I am working on not only getting a chance in the NFL but also staying there. I am working on getting my body and mind as well as I can for my chance to make an NFL team.

Scott Porter: What hobbies do you have off the field?

Richard Medlin: Sleeping, going to the movies. I like to kick back and watch TV and hang out with my family when I do have a little free time.

Scott Porter: What type of a person is an NFL team getting in Richard Medlin?

Richard Medlin: They are getting a very hard worker who takes it day by day. I learn from my mistakes and that allows me to get better with more experience. I am very mature and respectful. I know that a team invests a lot of money into a player so they can trust that I will be able to stay out of trouble. I have great characteristics and I am respectful on and off the field.