Joe Gaiter sat down with Arkansas Pine-Bluff DT Heero Abdulai for an interview!

Joe Gaiter: Who is Heero Adbulai?

My full name is Ibrahim O. Abdulai born in Chicago raised in Lagos Nigeria from a family of 3 kids I am the first born. I got the name Heero while back at home. In English my full name mean “hero the helping hand of God” I stuck with that and answer to Heero.

Joe Gaiter: What will you miss the most about playing at the University of Arkansas at Pine Buff?

Heero Adbulai: The bands the college experiences the energy and affect we brought to a whole city and most of all them Turkey legs.

Joe Gaiter: How will you prove yourself on the field?

Heero Adbulai: By putting in work off the field my off season is officially called work season. Because this isn’t college anymore where I can man handily my enemies this is the NFL were boys become men and men become legends. I am going to prove my self on the field by simple working harder than I ever have to be the best.

Joe Gaiter:What are your hobbies off the field?

Heero Adbulai: Iam really a book worm majoring in chemistry with a minor in math and criminal justice I spend alot of time studying or playing my guitar

Joe Gaiter: What NFL player reminds you of yourself

Heero Adbulai: William “the fridge” Perry because he had hands and great balance.

Joe Gaiter: What is your biggest strengths on the field?

Heero Adbulai: Speed off the ball hand movement and playing mind games I pay attention to little tendencies offensive linemen give off and use them to beat them

Joe Gaiter: What is the hardest part about playing your position?

Heero Adbulai: It’s the trenches if you don’t have hear please don’t come up in The trenches it’s non stop thumping in there we dont get plays off like DBS we are the front line of defense games are won and lost on our back

Joe Gaiter: How will you elevate your skills to a NFL level?

Heero Adbulai: I plan on training hard and long before and after the draft to stay in the best shape possible because I want to survive the mini camp and rookie mini camp with the highest approval from my coach then from there excel at all my skills and learn more

Joe Gaiter: Who has been your biggest influence in your football career?

Heero Adbulai: My family because they have done so much to get me to this point and kept me focused

Joe Gaiter: What goals do you have for the NFL?

Heero Adbulai: I want to start and play at least 6 games of my rookie year and break or hold the most tackles for lost at some point for a defensive tackle.