The NFL season just finished over a week ago, there’s potential of a pending lockout and what are most fans talking about? The NFL futures betting and the odds of who will win Super Bowl XLVI.

It’s always a fun debate to have in the offseason. Setting aside the collective bargaining agreement debates, we have no idea what the teams will do in the draft or free agency, but we can still speculate prior to any of that.

The New England Patriots are the favorites to win it all. They were 14-2 this season with a relatively young team and they are only going to get better. Throw in the fact that they have tons of draft picks – two in the first round – and they are going to get quite the infusion of high quality talent.

In the NFC, the favorite will not come as a surprise to anyone: it’s the Green Bay Packers.

The Packers won the Super Bowl this season and they have an extremely young team that will be intact to make another run in 2011-12. The bigger key for them is that they will also get reinforcements in the way of healthy players. This season, they placed 15 players on injured reserve – including five starters – and they still won the Super Bowl. How good will they be next season when they get their full allotment of weapons.

In any case, it’s still a long ways away and we may have quite the standoff in the labor dispute, but for now, at least we know who the frontrunners are for Super Bowl XLVI.