Rahim Moore

Agility: Moore is a fluid athlete who can flip his hips to turn and cover. Maintains his balance when he turns and runs. Shows a solid vertical leap, but he really knows how to time it well.

Ball skills: Few safeties have as good of hands as Moore. He catches the ball like a wide receiver and knows what to do with it after the interception. Finished his career with 14 interceptions, including 10 as a sophomore.

Instincts: In pass coverage, Moore has excellent instincts. He can break on the ball in a hurry and make a play. Is much better picking up routes deep. Can get confused by complex formations where multiple receivers are lined up on the same side and
Pass coverage: Moore showed in 2009 that he was dynamic defending the pass.His hands are among the best for a defensive back in this year’s class. He shows good range to move around in the deep half. Wasn’t used a lot in man coverage, but he should be athletic enough to cover the slot.

Run support: UCLA used Moore closer to the line of scrimmage as a junior, which should help his progress. Moore’s ability against the run is based on using good pursuit angles to the ball. Because he doesn’t have great size, Moore struggles taking on blocks.

Speed: Possesses good speed short and deep. Can get up to his speed in short effort because he’s quick. Uses his speed to his advantage in the passing game.

Tackling: Is a sound tackler. Isn’t a devastating hitter, but uses sound technique. Drops his hips and and wraps out properly. Gets into trouble against bigger ball carriers and this shows he lack of strength.

Final word: If a team needs help in pass coverage at safety, Moore is a great option. He has a natural nose for the football, but didn’t get to show it as much in 2010.

As a junior, Moore was used closer to the line of scrimmage. He did pretty well against the run, but is much better dropping into coverage. He has good instincts to quickly make a break on the ball.

A third-team All-American in 2010 and first-team in 2009.