Scott Porter: What do you feel are your biggest strengths?

Marquez Herrod: Quickness off the ball, strength, physicality, quickness, and football intuition. I play
The game with a since for where the ball is at all times, and I can adjust myself on the move if need be.

Scott Porter: What are your goals for the NFL?

Marquez Herrod: My goal in the NFL is to make a name for myself. Being projected as a late pick, to possible free agent has really lit a fire in my heart because I know that I am capable of playing with the best. I come from a conference that has put out some of the nation’s best players in history. I beat two Heisman trophy winners. I intend to take this fire and passion to the field in the NFL and be remembered as one of the greatest to ever play my position.

Scott Porter: What NFL player reminds you of yourself and why?

Marquez Herrod: I would have to say Michael Vick. He has been my favorite player since I was young, and I have always admired his ability to bounce back from injury, or anything else that comes his way, and prosper. His mentality is such of a winner and a fighter; both of which I personify within myself.

Scott Porter: What do you feel are your biggest football accomplishments?

Marquez Herrrod: My biggest football accomplishments I would have to say is leading my team in sacks my junior season and being an All-Big XII honorable mention. Also beating Oklahoma when they were ranked #2 in the country when I was a sophomore.

Scott Porter: What kind of a person is an NFL team getting in you?
Marquez Herrod: They are getting a determined individual with a good head on my shoulders. I have set goals for myself every single season I have played the game, and I make it my mission to meet those expectations of myself. They would get a person that holds himself to a higher standard. What everyone else is doing isn’t good enough for me: I have to go one step further.

Scott Porter: Who has been your biggest influence?

Marquez Herrod: My mother. Growing up homeless and in and out of foster care I always promised my mom that someday I would buy her a home and get us out of the dire situation we were in. Now I am on my way there.

Scott Porter: What will you miss most about college football?

Marquez Herrod: The passion, the comraderey, and finally my teammates. We were all like 100 brothers all after one goal, that is a feeling I don’t think I have ever experienced in my life and may never experience again.

Scott Porter: What do you feel will be the toughest transition from the college level to the pro level?

Marquez Herrod: The speed of the game. If I was able to make the transition from high school to Division 1 football, I think I will be able to make the next transition as well.

Scott Porter: What will you be doing from now until the draft to prepare yourself for your shot at the NFL?
Marquez Herrod: I have devoted my entire spring/summer to training for the NFL. I train seven days a week, 5 with a personal trainer. My life will be football until I hear my name called on draft day.

Scott Porter: What are your hobbies off the field?

Marquez Herrod: I love to play basketball, swim, and go hiking. Boulder is a wonderful place to hike and one of the reasons why I choose to attend the University of Colorado.