Jonathan Baldwin
6’5, 230 pounds | Wide receiver | Pittsburgh

Acceleration: Has to take long strides to build up speed and will need some space to accelerate. Isn’t a quick-twitch mover who will get open immediately. Because of his lack of acceleration, Baldwin can get held up on the line.

Agility: Baldwin has very good jumping ability, but he doesn’t always time his leaps properly. Because of that, he doesn’t always high point the ball.

Body control: Possesses an excellent head fake, which he uses to create separation. Uses his lower body strength to keep his balance when working his way through routes.
Blocking: When Baldwin plays with good effort, he can be solid as a blocker. Has the strength to control defensive backs and open up wide rushing lanes. Of course he’s not perfectly sound in his technique, but he does a nice job extending his arms.

Hands: This is perhaps Baldwin’s top area. He frequently makes big catches outside his frame that most receivers wouldn’t be able to pull in. Consistently squeezes that ball outside his frame to make the catch.

Release: For such a big player, Baldwin has some issues getting off the line of scrimmage. His first step footwork is a little slow. Surprisingly, Baldwin struggles when he’s jammed.

Route running: Has run a variety of routes at Pitt and will not have to be coached complex routes. Needs to learn how to run tighter and more crisp routes. Tends to round them off which allows corners to close distance.

Size: Possesses impressive size for a wide receiver. Has a big frame and long arms. Knows how to use his body to his advantage. Is hard to bring down after the catch.

Speed: Has excellent deep speed for such a big receiver. But it takes Baldwin some time to get up to top speed. Is a long strider who needs some space to build up speed. Is faster than he is quick, so it’s questionable how much his speed will get him open.

Final word: It’s easy to fall in love with Baldwin as a prospect. He has excellent size and good speed once he really gets moving. His hands are good and he catches the ball routinely away from his frame. However, there are a lot of questions out there about Baldwins effort. He’s had some lapses of inconsistency throughout his career, which are concerning.

Still, it can be a little hard to judge Baldwin. He’s never had a great quarterback throwing him the ball. As a junior, the Pittsburgh quarterback play was especially poor. Baldwin still managed to finish the season with 53 receptions for 822 yards and five touchdowns.

In May of 2009, Baldwin was charged with assault, harassment and disorderly conduct. The charges were later dropped.