Marcell Dareus
6’4, 306 pounds | Defensive end/tackle | Alabama

Pass rush: is a much better pass rusher than people give him credit.  Dareus gets out of his stance quickly due to an excellent first step. Is agile enough to move around and doesn’t simply have to rely on power moves. Closes fast on the quarterback. Has technically sound handwork to disengage from blockers. Good rip move. Uses some on stunts but looked good.

Pursuit: Consistently plays with high effort and is relentless. Shows good balance to maintain his pace when getting knocked around. Some questioned his effort as a junior, but Dareus routinely saw multiple blockers in 2010. He still finished with 11 tackles for loss as a junior.

Quickness: Dareus has surprising foot quickness for a player his size. Consistently gets across the face of offensive linemen. Is fluid in the hips to turn and move laterally down the line.
Run defend: Does a great job on the edge maintaining his position. Anchors his position nicely. Shows good leg drive to move blockers around. Although Dareus is stout against the run, he’s not necessarily the kind of lineman who can fill two gaps.

Dareus has NFL-ready strength throughout his frame. He’s thick in his lower body, which helps him bull rush. Got to show his strength playing the nose on occasion in 2010. That showed especially against Florida when he easily handled center Mike Pouncey with a bull rush.

Tackling: Is a sudden, hard-hitting tackler. Isn’t a big-time hitter like other interior linemen in this class. However, he’s more technically sound in his wrap-up.

Technique: An experienced five-technique, Dareus is the top 3-4 defensive end in the draft because of his long arms and technique. He consistently extends his arms to hold the edge. Stays low like a veteran to get leverage. Dareus’ technique is NFL ready and why he could be a good contributor early in his career.

Final word: It’s not often 3-4 defensive ends come along who are as polished, strong and athletic as Dareus. Playing end in Alabama’s pro-style 3-4 defense, Dareus should start as a rookie if a team with the same scheme picks him up.

He’s a good pass rusher for such a big player, but most teams will like him for his run-stopping ability. Dareus is powerful throughout his frame and should be able to hold the edge well.

Dareus really came on toward the end of the 2009 season and won defensive MVP honors in the BCS National Championship game. Suspended the first two games of 2010 after the NCAA found he accepted benefits from an agent. Has overcome a rough upbringing.