Joe Gaiter: Who is Frank Warren?

Frank Warren: I’d like to think of myself as a humble player who has been blessed by God with the talent to play football and I am just thankful to have a chance to play at the next level.

Joe Gaiter: How will you prove yourself on the field?

Frank Warren: By trying to show everyone I’m equipped to play at the next level and I will do that by studying hard and working even harder.

Joe Gaiter: What goals do you have for the NFL?

Frank Warren: First and foremost becoming a part of an NFL roster, and secondly work hard on the field to become a household name.

Joe Gaiter: What are your hobbies off the field?

Frank Warren: I like to spend a lot of time with family and friends, and some of my hobbies include playing cards and playing the PS3.

Joe Gaiter: What NFL player reminds you of yourself?

Frank Warren I have always found my playing style similar to that of LaDainian Tomlinson’s.

Joe Gaiter: What are your biggest strengths on the field?

Frank Warren I would have to say my balance, strength, and vision are my biggest strengths on the field.

Joe Gaiter: What is the hardest part about playing your running back?

Frank Warren Trying to stay focused and accepting the fact that every single carry will not be a big run of 20 yards or more.

Joe Gaiter: What will you miss the most about playing at Grambling State University?

Frank Warren I will miss the atmosphere of the games as well as the traditions that have become second nature to me.

Joe Gaiter: Who has been your biggest influence in your football career?

Frank Warren My father has always been my biggest influence and my mother has always been my biggest fan.

Joe Gaiter: How will you elevate your skills to a NFL level?

Frank Warren By becoming a better student of the game, because football is just as mental as it is physical. In addition to that I will work on the fundamentals of the game to help with being consistent.