Scott Porter: Can you describe your style of play to us? What do you bring to the table for an NFL football team?

Sidney Glover: I would describe myself as a hard nosed in your face type of safety. I am old school. I am an in the box type safety, I love contact and I love to hit. You need that safety like me who you can depend on to make tackles and come up and deliver the big hit. I don’t miss many tackles. I love and strive playing in the box. I feel I am good in pass coverage too. I am good at making the open field tackle and am very dependable. You see a lot of tall lanky S’s, I am more of a thick safety who can play like a LB, S and CB all in one.

Scott Porter: What do you feel are your greatest accomplishments?

Sidney Glover: I think being a 3 year starter at West Virginia is a great accomplishment. Not many players can say they started 3 years at Division one level. I earned a starting job as a Sophomore and put myself into a great situation. I also think being Big East D player of the week was a great accomplishment. Being part of a lot of great games and a good situation.

Scott Porter: What do you feel are your biggest strengths?

Sidney Glover: I think my greatest strengths are that I am very physical and my knowledge for the game. I always know where I am suppose to be and can react well because of it.

Scott Porter: What is the toughest part about playing Safety?

Sidney Glover: We have a very difficult defense to pick up. We are a rare team that runs a 3-3-5 defense. In that I basically play a role of a CB, S and LB. I play the rover. We had so many coverages and different types of defenses to learn in our system. I feel it will really help me. I have to be an all around player to be able to play the rover position, you are asked to do a lot of different things. You have to be able to do it all, cover, tackle, cover the slot, whatever is asked of you.

Scott Porter: What type of person is an NFL team getting in Sidney Glover?

Sidney Glover: I am very loyal guy. Whatever organization is wanting to being me in they are getting a great all around person who is a family guy. I want to get comfortable and will do whatever I am asked to do and then some. You can also always count on me off the field to be a good person,. I will represent the organization in a positive manner.

Scott Porter: Is there a player in the NFL that reminds you of yourself?

Sidney Glover: I don’t really like to compare myself to players without playing in the NFL yet, but I would say I really like Bob Sanders and Adrian Wilson because they are hard hitting, physical safeties like me.

Scott Porter: What are your goals for the NFL?

Sidney Glover: Really just to get the opportunity right now is my biggest goal. Get in there and hopefully get drafted and if not get into a camp. I don’t want to be just a camp body. I want to go to a team that wants me and will put me in a good situation to give me a chance. I want to excel on special teams.

Scott Porter: What will you miss most about college football?

Sidney Glover: I will miss the atmosphere, but that is really hard to answer because I am looking forward to life in the NFL. Without being in the NFL I can’t really say. I know everyone says they will miss the college atmosphere but I am eager to see what it’s like to experience the NFL atmosphere as well. I have no clue what it will be like. The NFL is just as crazy as college I am sure.

Scott Porter: Who is the toughest player you have ever faced?

Sidney Glover: I would say hands down my teammates. Going in practice every day vs guys like Jock Sanders, Noel Devine, Tavon Austin, so much speed you have to cover. My Freshmen and Sopohmore year having Pat White in practice. My Freshmen year I had to talk on Owen Schmidt in practice. He was tough as nails, imagine facing off against him your first year. I have seen it all here at West Virginia, speed, strength, great players.

Scott Porter: What are your hobbies off the field?

Sidney Glover: You will find this hard to believe but I am very plain. I sit around thinking about football all day, it’s all that is ever on my mind. I have just started to learn how to play call of duty because I have to find something to keep my mind off it. I just dream and think about football all the time. I love the game. I am also engaged with two kids so spending time with them is very important to me.