Derek Sherrod
6’6, 300 pounds | Offensive tackle | Mississippi State

Agility: Is a very good athlete for the position. Can move around with ease and doesn’t have heavy feet. Very fluid. Is decent on the move.

Movement: Sherrod has good movement in the short area. He’s fine moving left, right and backward. Where he struggles some is going forward. When Sherrod is on the move, he tends to lunge at defenders and lose leverage.

Pass blocking: Is exceptionally light on his feet with great quickness and agility. Has a very good first move to beat speed rushers to the outside. Against power rushers, Sherrod gets good knee bend to absorb and redirect. Has to get better using his hands to work inside. Struggles when stronger defenders get inside his pads and drive him back. Doesn’t always finish off blocks.
Quickness: Sherrod has elite foot quickness, which is what makes him such a good pass blocker. Really fires off the snap. Doesn’t get beat to the first move by defensive linemen.

Run blocking: Is solid as a run blocker. Does well holding up defensive linemen, but doesn’t always overpower defenders. Properly works defenders to the inside allowing rushers to work outside. Uses his quickness to seal the outside to allow inside rushing lanes. However, Sherrod doesn’t have the leg strength to power defenders backward. Could be nastier as a blocker.

Strength: Possesses only average strength. Will need to get stronger to handle power rushers in the NFL. Has an athletic frame, so you wonder how much bulk he’ll be able to add. Needs to especially get stronger in his lower body.

Technique: Maintains good balance, even against powerful defenders. That’s thanks to getting good knee bend. Hand usage needs refinement. Gets his arms too wide instead of keeping them in the defender’s chest. Will struggle at times to pick up stunts.

Final word: Sherrod has started since his freshman season at Mississippi State. He played his first year at right tackle before moving to the left side. He’s made his name as an athletic left tackle who can handle speed rushers.

Where he needs to get better is in the power aspects of the game. He doesn’t drive block especially well and can be moved around by power rushers. It would also be nice to see Sherrod play with more of a mean streak and finish off more blocks.