Scott Porter: What are your biggest strengths?

Cecil Shorts: I feel my biggest strengths is my speed. I am very good at separation and
creating separation between me and the defender. I run excellent routes, have good hands.
I also feel a big strength of mine is my ability to make clutch plays in big time games.
The bigger the game the more big plays I make.

Scott Porter: What are you looking forward to most about your shot at the NFL?

Cecil Shorts: To prove that I can compete. No matter what happens I will always come
with the tag of being a division 3 player. I will always carry that with me. People will
always question me because of that. I just want to prove to them that I can play in this

Scott Porter: What player in the NFL most reminds you of yourself?

Cecil Shorts: I will have to go with former Mount Union WR Pierre Garcon. We have a
lot of similarities starting with the school we went to. I watch a lot of him in the NFL and
study him a lot. I take stuff from him and many other WR’s and try and institute it into
my own game to make me a better player.

Scott Porter: What do you feel are your biggest accomplishments?

Cecil Shorts: I really hate talking about myself. I guess my JR year I scored 23
touchdowns, last year I had 100 catches, 1,700 plus yards and 27 total touchdowns. I’m
not good at talking about myself but I guess something else that sticks out is that my final
game our QB went out with an injury and I had to come in and play QB. I rushed for
over 100 yards. I was an All-American, got player of the year awards. I also broke all of
Pierre’s records.

Scott Porter: What type of a person is an NFL team getting in Cecil Shorts?

Cecil Shorts: The number one thing is that they are getting a great person, period. I have
no problems, great character. You can go all the way back to middle school and I never
had any problems. That is very important nowadays. I was raised well. I was blessed to
be in a two parent home and having parents who helped lead me to staying out of trouble
and on the right path. I am very humble and I put god first. I grew up in a Christian home.

Scott Porter: What will you miss most about playing college football?

Cecil Shorts: I’m going to miss everything about it. The atmosphere and the friends I
made. I was blessed to play in 4 national championships. Nobody in any other conference
can say that.

Scott Porter: What are your goals for the NFL?

Cecil Shorts: Don’t shy away from anything. I will work my butt off to be as much of a
star player as I can be. Do whatever it takes legally of course, to help the team that selects
me to win.

Scott Porter: Did you have a favorite team and player as a kid?

Cecil Shorts: My team was always the Cleveland Browns because I lived there. I always
found myself rooting for the Oilers/Titans as well. Favorite players were Michael Vick
and Deion Sanders.

Scott Porter: What hobbies do you have off the field?

Cecil Shorts: Hanging out with friends, playing video games. Being with my family,
my family means a lot to me. I don’t get to see them much during the season so I like to
spend as much time as possible with them.