Gabe Carimi
6’7, 315 pounds | Offensive tackle | Wisconsin

Agility: This is what makes Carimi more of a right tackle prospect. He’s fine on the left in Wisconsin’s power run offense, but has heavy feet and doesn’t move in space especially well. Can’t be relied on to get out and block on the move.

Tends to lose his balance too often. Must maintain a better base and get a more sound knee bend. When on the move, Carimi can lunge and miss a defender. Shows stiffness on his power step. Compensates for a lack of movement with power. Shouldn’t be used as a cut blocker.

Pass blocking: Needs to be more stout as a pass blocker. Typically strong against bull rushes, but was knocked around at times by Iowa’s Adrian Clayborn. The problem isn’t in power base, but he doesn’t always properly use it. Tends to let speed rushers get under his pads. Shows great instincts, due to his experience, to pick up counter moves.

Is quick enough in the short area, but not long to the outside with his feet. Because of this, he can lose Has quick hands to win hand placement. Doesn’t get his punch out quick to knock linemen around. Doesn’t recover especially quick.

Run blocking: Carimi’s strength is first contact with defenders in the run game. He gets off the ball pretty well and pops his opponents. Could do a better job finishing. He sustains fine but doesn’t always close out with power and aggression. Is more of a latch-on run blocker. However, Carimi doesn’t let go once he engages.

Carimi has NFL strength and should be able to be plugged into an offense immediately. Powerful throughout his frame. Has the strength to seal the edge.

Technique: Needs to maintain his base a little better. If Carimi can do that, he’ll do a better job against speed rushers. Gets good hand position.

Final word: Being the guy who had to follow Joe Thomas at Wisconsin was a daunting task. Carimi, while nowhere near as good as Thomas, has done well. He’s a power tackle best suited for the right side of the line. Carimi struggles some against speed rushers, but has good strength to anchor and seal.