News came in this afternoon that Randy Moss has been cut by the Minnesota Vikings. New Era Scouting is fortunate to have a close source in the NFL who is a former executive with the Carolina Panthers and St. Louis Rams.

In exchanging text messages with our source, here is what we have learned.

– The Panthers would be interested, but the team is out of playoff contention and is not likely to add Moss’ $3.5 million salary for one season.

– The Rams are very interested. With Donnie Avery and Mark Clayton on the injury list, and the Rams a contended for the NFC West crown, they are in play.

– The Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins are very interested. Seattle is currently ahead of Miami in waiver priority (more below).

– Washington is a mystery team right now, but Dan Snyder is rumored to be interested. Mike Shanahan, however, may not be.

– Don’t expect Detroit to get involved. We’ve heard from a regional scout that they aren’t in play.

How does the NFL Waiver system work? The team with the worst record (Buffalo) has first dibs, the team with the best record (New England) has last call.

Current NFL waiver priority:

1. Buffalo
2. Dallas
3. Carolina
4. San Francisco
5. Denver (possibly interested)
6. Minnesota
7. Detroit
8. Cleveland
9. Cincinnati
10. San Diego (possibly interested)
11. Arizona
12. Washington (possibly interested)
13. St. Louis (reportedly interested)
14. Oakland
15. Jacksonville (possibly interested)
16. Seattle  (reportedly interested)
17. Philadelphia
18.  Miami (reportedly interested)
19. Chicago (possibly interested)
20. Tennessee (possibly interested)
21. New Orleans
22. Green Bay
23. Indianapolis
24. Houston
25. Tampa Bay (possibly interested)
26.  Pittsburgh
27. New York Jets
28. New York Giants
29. Kansas City (possibly interested)
30. Baltimore
31. Atlanta
32. New England (possibly interested)