St. Louis Rams | #1
Player: QB Sam Bradford (Oklahoma)
Analysis: The Rams did what we thought they would and drafted the quarterback of the future. Bradford is by all means a talented quarterback, but will St. Louis let him play immediately? This is a team with many, many needs- and this is just the start of a franchise rebuilding and rebranding themselves.
Remaining Team Needs: CB, OLB, WR, TE, DE, DT, SS, OT, RB, FS, OG, OC

Detroit Lions | #2
Ndamukong Suh (Nebraska)
Analysis: Lions head coach Jim Schwartz understands the importance of having a strong defensive front after watching what former Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth did in Tennessee.  Now in Detroit, Schwartz lacks every down players in the trenches and the rebuilding project starts with one of the best prospects in the 2010 draft class.  A starter from day one, Suh will being power against the run and explosion against the pass.
Remaining Team Needs: CB, SS, OG, RB, OT, WR, OC, DE, OLB

Tampa Bay Buccaneers | #3
Gerald McCoy (Oklahoma)
Analysis: Another no-surprises pick. The Bucs have missed Warren Sapp’s presence on their interior line for years- and now they have his potential replacement. McCoy fits the Tampa defense, especially as a 3-tech tackle. They will build their defense around the playmaking ability of McCoy from the defensive tackle position.
Remaining Team Needs: WR, DE, CB, FS, SS, OG, OLB, ILB

Washington Redskins | #4
Player: OT Trent Williams (Oklahoma)
With Chris Samuels no longer in the picture, the Redskins had a gaping hole protecting their new franchise quarterback’s blind side.  Trent Williams could have a been a top ten pick had he come out in 2009, but he proved the doubters wrong that he could handle the responsibility of being a left tackle at the next level.  He fits in well with the zone blocking scheme that new head coach Mike Shanahan is current implementing.
Remaining Team Needs: G, RB, QB, WR, CB, K

Kansas City Chiefs | #5
Player: FS Eric Berry (Tennessee)
The Chiefs were not expected to draft Eric Berry, as many felt that Scott Pioli would not value a safety in the top 5. We really like Berry, though. He was rated as a top 4 player for us all season long. His range, athleticism, punt return skills and tackling ability make him a dangerous player. We really like this pick.
Remaining Team Needs: OT, OG, ILB, TE, WR, OC, CB, OLB

Seattle Seahawks | #6
Player: OT Russell Okung (Oklahoma State)
Seattle has been given a glimpse what life is like without a top tier blocker at left tackle.  The future is set at the quarterback position with the newly acquired Charlie Whitehurst, but keeping him upright is considered a main priority.  Okung brings a top tier skill set for offensive tackle.  His long reach, enormous power, and light feet could get him on the field right away.
Remaining Team Needs: CB, DE, FS, QB, RB, WR, OG

Cleveland Browns | #7
Player: CB Joe Haden (Florida)
This was the pick we liked all along, and it shows in our early mock drafts. Haden is this draft’s answer to a shut-down corner. Some scouts soured on him due to a bad 40 at the Combine after an injury, but Haden redeemed himself at his Pro Day. Haden improves a Cleveland secondary that is sorely lacking.
Remaning Team Needs: QB, RB, WR, TE, OC, DE, SS, FS

Oakland Raiders | #8
Player: MLB Rolando McClain (Alabama)
For the first time in a few years, the Raiders make a very good selection with their first pick.  McClain is, by far, the top graded inside linebacker in this draft class.  He started from day one for Nick Saban at Alabama as a freshman, a feat in and of itself.  His ability to dominate in between the tackles and control the opposing running game will be a godsend for the up and down Raiders front seven.
Remaining Team Needs: OT, WR, QB, G, C, FS, CB, DT

Buffalo Bills | #9
Player: RB CJ Spiller (Clemson)
We had heard over and over again that Buffalo liked CJ Spiller, but with Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch on the roster we ignored those hints. And we shouldn’t have. Spiller is the definition of dynamic. Quick, explosive, versatile. You can’t argue with the pick, but Marshawn Lynch is surely on the trade block  now.
Remaning Team Needs: QB, WR, DT, CB, TE, OT, DE, OLB, SS

Jacksonville Jaguars | #10
Player: DT Tyson Alualu (Cal)
The first curveball of the 2010 NFL Draft is thrown our way, with a player that most projected as a borderline first rounder.  Alualu fits in well with the multi-look scheme that the Jaguars play with as he can be put on either side, inside or outside.  His versatility, motor, and work ethic will be a welcomed addition to the blue-collar mentality in Jacksonville.
Remaining Team Needs: FS, QB, WR, OLB, ILB, CB, DE, SS, C

San Francisco 49ers (from Denver Broncos) | #11
Player: OT Anthony Davis (Rutgers)
The 49ers give up a 4th round pick (that’s all) to move up two spots and grab Anthony Davis. As a 49er fan, I was quietly holding my breath afraid this was for Tim Tebow! Davis gives the 49ers a book-end left tackle, moving Joe Staley to right tackle presumably. The athleticism, quickness, foot work an all-around tools are great.
Remaining Team Needs: CB, OLB, FS, SS, OG, RB, OC

Team/Pick: San Diego Chargers (from Miami Dolphins) | #12
Player: RB Ryan Mathews (Fresno State)
Analysis: As much as the Chargers love to air it out, that offense has depended on the running game to keep the wheelis rolling.  Tomlinson was released and San Diego has nothing on the roster to pair with Darren Sproles.  Mathews is the top inside runner in this draft and he will be one half of a top two-back system.
Remaining Team Needs: NT, CB, G, SS, DE, ILB, FS, WR

Philadelphia Eagles (from Denver Broncos via San Francisco 49ers) | #13
Player: DE Brandon Graham (Michigan)
We were sure the Eagles moved up for Earl Thomas (CB/FS), but Andy Reid knows the pass rush has to improve in Philadelphia. Graham is a pass rusher extraordinaire. We really like him with his hand in the dirt, attacking the passer.  Graham will give Philadelphia an immediate presence at right end.
Remaining Team Needs: RB, ILB, OG, OC, OT, DT, OLB

Seattle Seahawks | #14
Player: CB/FS Earl Thomas (Texas)
The issues that Seattle had on defense in 2009 existed from day one.  They put no pressure on the quarterback, and they had nobody making plays in the secondary.  Earl Thomas will make the quarterback more hesitant to throw the deep ball, as his ability to make dual reads and play with Ed Reed-type range will change the outlook of that secondary.
Remaining Team Needs: CB, DE, QB, RB, WR, G

New York Giants | #15
Player: DE Jason Pierre-Paul (USF)
And another pick that we really do not like. Pierre-Paul is a great athlete, but he is incredibly raw and may never realize that athletic potential. He’s a year or two away from seeing consistent playing time. Don’t be surprised if he moves down to defensive tackle on passing downs.
Remaining Team Needs: CB, OT, OLB, ILB, K, WR, RB

Tennessee Titans | #16
Player: DE Derrick Morgan (Georgia Tech)
Whether or not the Titans wanted Pierre-Paul, Morgan is a fine player that can give Tennessee a multi-dimensional pass rusher that can be moved up and down the line to tae advantage of mismatches.  He plays with an endless motor that blends in well with his enormous strength and elite burst off the snap.
Remaining Team Needs: CB, OLB, WR, G, C, DT, ILB, TE

San Francisco 49ers | #17
Player: OG Mike Iupati (Idaho)
Well, it looks like the 49ers plan to run the ball next year. David and Iupati will make up the left side of the 49ers line for the next 12 years. I really like this pick, as Iupati is a tremendous run blocker. I’m having Jesse Sapolu flash backs. And I like it.
Remaining Team Needs: CB, OLB, FS, SS, RB, OC

Pittsburgh Steelers | #18
Player: OC Maurkice Pouncey (Florida)
Tremendous blend of both need and value here for the Steelers.  Pouncey is the most NFL-ready interior lineman in this draft class, and the woes Pittsburgh has had up front over the past few years have been their achilles heel and main reason for their up and down play.  Pouncey can play any of the interior spots and immediately upgrade that position.
Remaining Team Needs: DE, CB, OT, G, DT, QB, RB, ILB

Atlanta Falcons | #19
Player: OLB Sean Weatherspoon (Missouri)
This is a pick we knew was happening as of a few days ago. We really like Weatherspoon, and he brings a cockiness to the Atlanta defense that is lacking. Weatherspoon can do it all, playing inside or outside linebacker. A great pick up for Mike Smith and the Falcons. People fell asleep on the athleticism of Weatherspoon, but he’s a freak.
Remaining Team Needs: OLB, OG, OC, WR, CB, DT, K

Houston Texans | #20
Player: CB Kareem Jackson (Alabama)
What may be considered a surprise pick to some, we love this pick for the Texans.  Jackson can play physical at the line, re-routing receivers and sticking with them in their hip pocket underneath and within the intermediate throwing lanes.  In a division where taking down the Colts is objective number one, Jackson is going to be a vital component to that equation.
Remaining Team Needs: RB, K, FS, OT, DT, ILB, TE

Cincinnati Bengals | #21
Player: TE Jermaine Gresham (Oklahoma)
Here’s your classic need pick. The Bengals are getting older at receiver, so they add a talented and athletic tight end for Carson Palmer. Can he stay healthy, though? Gresham has been beaten up a lot throughout his career.
Remaining Team Needs: WR, FS, SS, DE, DT, OG

Denver Broncos (from New England Patriots) | #22
Player: WR Demaryius Thomas (Georgia Tech)
We knew it was only a matter of time before Denver traded their way back up after trading down twice already.  Without a big, physical receiver on the roster, head coach Josh McDaniels added the receiver with the highest upside in this draft class.  He will enter the league as a raw talent, but his ability to make plays down the field in almost unparalleled here.
Remaining Team Needs: C, G, TE, OLB, ILB

Green Bay Packers | #23
Player: OT Bryan Bulaga (Iowa)
We saw this pick coming for about an hour. Bulaga just fits the Packer offense, the Packer philosophy and the town Green Bay. We really like this pick, as Bulaga will not be forced to start from day one. He’s a very good tackle, we liked him a lot more than others, but he’ll be able to slowly immerse himself in to this offense if needed.
Remaining Team Needs: CB, P, RB, OG, OC, TE

Dallas Cowboys (from New England Patriots via Denver Broncos) | #24
Player: WR Dez Bryant (Oklahoma State)
Jerry Jones wanted to”make a splash”?  Job well done with this selection.  Perhaps this was grand master plan that Deion Sanders was in on?  Bryant is the top talent at the wide receiver position and there is more than enough tape on him to confirm that.  It will not take him long to turn it back on, as his game is based purely on physicality.
Remaining Team Needs: K, OT, FS, SS, G, ILB, DE, C

Denver Broncos (from Baltimore Ravens) | #25
Player: QB Tim Tebow (Florida)
Allow me to be very frank here. This is among the worst picks I have ever seen in the first round of the NFL Draft. This is a wasted pick. This pick will be the demise of Josh McDaniel. Tim Tebow is not, and will not be a starting NFL quarterback. They have Kyle Orton. They have Brady Quinn. You do not spend a 1st round pick on intangibles. This is a terrible pick.
Remaining Team Needs: OC, OG, TE, OLB, ILB

Arizona Cardinals | #26
Player: DT Dan Williams (Tennessee)
Dan Williams may be the one that player that improved his stock the most over the past year.  He brings the Cardinals another huge body to throw inside on defense that can eat up blockers and let that unit’s speed go to work.  In such a multi-look scheme, the Cardinals could have used a different kind of talent, as they lack a true edge rusher and replacement for the departed Karlos Dansby.
Remaining Team Needs: DE, OLB, ILB, TE, OT, CB, QB, P, G, FS

New England Patriots (from Dallas Cowboys) | #27
Player: CB Devin McCourty (Rutgers)
A smart pick from New England. Paired with Leigh Bodden and Darius Butler at cornerback for the next decade, McCourty may be New England’s best cornerback as a rookie. His physical style of play and demeanor will fit the Patriots defensive mentality perfectly. After so many trades down, this is a smart and safe pick.
Remaining Team Needs: WR, DE, RB, OLB, TE, FS

Miami Dolphins | #28
Player: DE Jared Odrick (Penn State)
Perfect fit here for the 3-4 defensive end position.  Odrick gets off the ball with angry aggression and he is a very difficult player to keep your hands on.  He possesses tremendous physical tools for the position and he is one of those guys that will play with an endless motor each week.  Definitely a Bill Parcells kind of player.
Remaining Team Needs: WR, OLB, FS, TE, CB

New York Jets | #29
Player: CB Kyle Wilson (Boise State)
Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie and now Kyle Wilson. The Jets have three very physical corners who can make plays. Wilson doubles as a return man as well. When you’re in the AFC, you have to stop the pass, and this pick is with that in mind.
Remaining Team Needs: OLB, RB, DE, DT, OG, FS, DE

Detroit Lions (from Minnesota Vikings) | #30
Player: RB Jahvid Best (Cal)

Analysis: Year after year the Lions are adding supreme offensive talent to their roster, and the selection of Best is another prime example.  His speed and explosion with the ball in his hands is in that same discussion as Chris Johnson.  He will not be depended upon to carry the ball 20+ times each week, instead to spell in-house starter Kevin Smith.  The Lions have put together quite the load of playmaking talent on that team.
Remaining Team Needs: CB, SS, G, WR, DT, DE, OLB

Indianapolis Colts | #31
Player: DE Jerry Hughes (TCU)
Defensive end was our #4 need for the Colts, but Hughes is in the top players left on our board too. Hughes is also a high-character player who will not cause any embarrassment to the team. My concern about Hughes is that he’s not going to stop the run. He’s a pass rusher only, and maybe a situational player at his best.
Remaining Team Needs: OT, CB, OG, FS, DT

New Orleans Saints | #32
Player: CB Patrick Robinson (Florida State)
Robinson has had weeks where he appeared to be the best player on the field, no matter who the opponent was.  However the very next week, he would appear to be backup-caliber at the college level.  His inconsistency should have kept him out of the first round, especially with a Darren Sharper clone (Morgan Burnett) still on the board.
Remaining Team Needs: DT, DE, OLB, FS, TE, ILB, SS

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