Shawn Lauvao
6’2 7/8, 315 pounds | Guard | Arizona State

Awareness: Started 33 consecutive games to end his career at Arizona State. Played at left tackle during 2009 and has the smarts to pick up stunts and rushes from linebackers deep on the outside.

Initial quickness: Lauvao displayed good but not great quickness of the line of scrimmage. His second stop, where you power slide back, is lacking.

Movement: His lack of movement is what makes Lauvao a guard prospect at the next level. He didn’t pull much as a senior because he was playing tackle. But when he does move around, Lauvao is heavy footed. He doesn’t maintain very good balance and his strength gets negated.

Pass blocking: Held up well enough in pass blocking as a senior. Is more of a phone booth blocker and he should be much better on the inside as a pro. Consistently gets good reach with his ams to keep defenders back. 

Run blocking:
Lauvao has the skills to be a good power run blocker at the next level. He’s aggressive and really strong in his upper body.

Size: Has good height at nearly 6-foot-3 and long good arm length. Has a very strong upper body, but has room in his legs to get stronger.

Strength: Is a really powerful guard who can dominate in one-on-one situations against power tackles. Has a really powerful and jarring hand punch to knock defenders off their blocks. Known as a player who loves the weight room.

Technique: Even though Lauvao has only played high school since his junior year in high school, he uses good technique with his hands. He extends well and rarely lets blockers into his frame. Could keep his base better in pass protection as he has a tendency to get narrow.

Final word: People have been underrating Lauvao all year because he played at left tackle. He was decent on the outside, but is a much better guard. That’s where he played for nine games in 2007 and eight in 2008. The other 16 starts in his career were at both tackle spots.

That versatility should do Lauvao well. He’s a powerful player and is above-average in every area.