Pat Angerer
6’0, 235 pounds | Middle linebacker | Iowa

Coverage: Angerer excels at figuring out screen plays and blowing them up. Doesn’t get fooled by play action when he’s asked to drop back. Has lined up against receivers on the line, but shouldn’t be considered a great coverage linebacker. Still, Angerer has good enough awareness to stay on the field on obvious passing downs and cover an area in zone.

Instincts: Was a two-year starter who played in 43 career games. Has good instincts and always seems to be playing on the balls of his feet. Plays with a lot of aggressiveness and flies all over the field. Read quickly and doesn’t make false movements.

Pass rush:
Was not asked to blitz a lot and shouldn’t be. That’s because he doesn’t have very good size and will engulfed by blockers. Struggles to disengage, even though he gives good effort.


Pursuit: Angerer is a super high motor guy. Although he’s a little stiff in his movements, he makes plays all over the field. He may never be the first guy to the ball carrier, but he closes fast and finishes off a lot of plays.

Run defense: Very smart as a run defender. Keeps his shoulders square to the line when the play is still in front of him and shuffles down. More quick than strong to avoid blockers. May not attack the line of scrimmage as much as you’d like, but rarely allowed running backs to get past him in his area.

Size: Somewhat undersized for a middle linebacker and doesn’t have much room to grow. Short arms, which is a real detriment in run defense.

Strength: Has good but not great playing strength. Doesn’t look like he can get much bigger.

Tackling: Angerer is the kind of tackler who lets the ball carrier come to him a little too much instead of attacking and driving through. But once Angerer gets his hands on an opponent, he rarely lets them break free. Maintains good balance when he goes for a tackle and won’t get thrown around by tight ends and bigger running backs. If nothing else, Angerer is consistent.

Versatility: Very little. Is almost strictly a 4-3 middle linebacker. Doesn’t have the take-on strength of 3-4 inside linebacker or the quickness to move outside.

Final word:
Angerer rates so highly mainly because he can stay on the field for all three downs and will be a great special teams player. He’s smart and rough, which helps him overcome some physical and athletic deficiencies. He really came on as a junior and senior as the team’s unquestioned leader on defense.