Maurkice Pouncey
6’5 | 304 pounds | Center | Florida

Awareness/Reaction: Reacts quickly after the snap. Keeps his head on a swivel and notices changes in the defensive front. Can find and pick up blitzers. A very smart player. Has great vision.

Initial Quickness: The best center in the class in terms of quickness. Snaps the ball back and is instantly up and ready to block. Drives off the ball. Amazing first step. Very quick hands and coordination. Explosive.

Movement/Space: Moved a lot in the Florida offense, especially for a center. Pulled, trapped and was even used in some zone calls. Has played guard before. Good straight-line speed. His recognition really aids him here.

Pass blocking: Experienced primarily as a shotgun snapper in the Florida system. Has shown the ability and quickness to snap and then raise up to stop a nose tackle, or to help with a three-tech. Quick off the ball. Good hand placement. Very consistent hand placement. Has a good anchor and can handle a nose tackle on his own. Good awareness.

Run blocking: Excellent leverage. Really knows how to use his body. A surprisingly good drive blocker. Has a good, consistent, pad height. Stays low throughout the block and keeps his feet moving. Shows experience as a help, combo-blocker. Gets off double teams and can get to the second level as a blocker. Good quickness and balance. Saw him block on a lot of traps. Noticeable pancake blocker.

Size: Ideal size. A little taller than other centers, but he has shown the ability to keep his pads low and get underneath smaller tackles.

Strength: Adequate strength for the position. Is not a liability. Can handle nose tackles one-on-one (see him versus Terrence Cody of Alabama).

Technique: Is a near-flawless blocker. We found few flaws in his game. Might try to pancake too often, but Pouncey has great hand placement and good lower-body movement. Keeps his feet moving, punches well, and is smart enough to call the offense.

Final Word: Rarely do we find a player with no real flaws; but we did with Maurkice Pouncey. A very celebrated and awarded center, Maurkice has the look of a Pro Bowl player early in his career. He should be a late 1st round pick.