Jonathan Crompton
6’3 | 223 pounds | QB | Tennessee

Accuracy: Spotty accuracy in his first few seasons at UT. Crompton improved under Lane Kiffin as a senior. Is still very inconsistent in terms of accuracy. Does show flashes of being able to hit at all levels and depths. Can push to the sidelines when his mechanics are solid, but too often he lapses back in to poor mechanics and his accuracy suffers.

Throws a nice ball in the short to intermediate game. Really like his motion and placement on slants and quick ins-outs. Looks much better throwing underneath than vertically. Has shown good touch. Gives the receiver room to run after the catch.

Arm Strength: Has top-level arm strength. Can hit at every level and will impress decision makers with his ability to push the ball up-field. While he has a very strong arm, he also throws a very catchable ball. Does not fall in to the habit of throwing hard on every pass.

The deep ball is pretty, with a tight spiral and little hang-time. Looked good throwing to the hashes at his Pro Day. While you can question his accuracy and decision making, Crompton has a very good arm.

Decision Making: Improved here as a senior, but when evaluating his entire career there are many causes for question marks. Crompton has played in at least two different systems and never looked entirely comfortable in either. Time spent in one system would dramatically improve his decision making ability.

One area of concern is his inability to look off the defenders. In the games we evaluated Crompton, he rarely looked off the deep safety. It must be known that in his senior season Crompton played in an offense that rarely asked him to make reads past the first man.

Mechanics: A good drop-back, something few quarterbacks in this class have experience with. Steps in to his passes and moves up in the pocket to give extra strength as needed. A very compact motion with no wasted space or hitches in his delivery. A strong follow-through. Has a quick release and will time well in this regard.

Has a Steve Young-like ability to move not only in the pocket, but outside it. Crompton is a serious threat as a runner, and has the strength and size to absorb hits.

Pocket Awareness:
Very poised. Is a good athlete and is not afraid to move around and out of the pocket. Has a natural feel for the pocket and makes smart decisions here. The only negative would be that he may be too comfortable running, and looks to do this too often.

Final Word: Crompton has to be regarded as a project at this point in his development. After playing only one year in a pro-style offense, Crompton has not yet reached his ceiling as a player. What must be known is that any team drafting Crompton must be committed to allowing him time to learn as a quarterback.