Dominique Franks

5’11, 194 pounds | Cornerback | Oklahoma

Agility: Franks is really smooth in his movements and one of the more athletic cornerbacks in the draft. His hips are fluid and he can flip with ease.

Ball Skills:
Has above-average hands to get interceptions. Knows when to get his hands up to make a play on the ball. Times his jumps pretty well and has a solid vertical leap.

Instincts: Franks’ recognition skills indicate that he maybe should have returned for his senior season. He makes unnecessary risks and reads the quarterback more than he reads the receiver. Beaten too easily by double moves and pump fakes.

Man coverage: Not much of a press man cornerback, Franks tends to play further off the line to rely on his athleticism. Doesn’t have the playing strength to redirect receivers. Has tremendous recovery speed if he gets beat.
Size: Possesses adequate size and strength. Average arm length, but he knows how to use what he has.

Speed: Good straight-line speed – ran a 4.46 40-yard dash at the combine. Doesn’t lose his speed when changing direction. Looks to have a second gear.

Tackling: Average as a tackler. Doesn’t always like to mix it up and is more willing to just move the receiver to the sideline. Shouldn’t be relied on much in run support. Mostly a leg lunger. Pursues pretty good, however.

Zone coverage: Mostly played in man coverage, but looked really good in zone formations. Because of Franks’ athleticism and closing speed, he can give a good cushion, tricking the quarterback into thinking his receiver is open. Still, he has shown his inexperience here. May need to learn some about coverage shifts and follow a safety’s call.

Final word: Franks is a two-year starter who maybe should have returned for another year. His athleticism and agility is excellent. He definitely looks the part and can become a starting cornerback. But there are some real concerns about his instincts and football intelligence.