Anthony Dixon
6’1 | 233 pounds | RB | Mississippi State

Acceleration/Burst/Quickness: Has a quickness that many do not expect for a player his size. Ran many draws and counters at Miss. State, and proved he has the quick feet to change direction.

Ball Protection: Below average switching hands and carries the ball too freely. Has not learned when to give up on a play and does fumble late in plays.

Elusiveness/Feet/Agility: Poor at making defenders miss in the hole, in the backfield and in the open field. Is not elusive, nor does he try to be.

Pass Catching: Has better hands than expected. Was used in the Miss. State passing game over the middle and out of the backfield on swings. Does not have the speed to move past defenders, but is quick enough off the line to beat a press.

Pass Blocking: Inconsistent. Will dominate some plays, and whiff on others. Has the size and strength to be a very good blocker, but has not shown the effort to date.

Power: Can easily run through arm tackles. Low pad height, keeps his feet moving and uses his leverage to beat tacklers. Can be taken down if hit below the waist in the backfield. Once he gets rolling it is near impossible to bring him down head-on. Has a very powerful stiff-arm.

Size/Length/Hand Size: Very good size, especially his bulk. Very intimidating size when compared to linebackers and defensive backs.

Speed: Decent speed, but not a game breaker. Has a second gear and does get moving downhill when given momentum.

Vision/Balance/Running Instincts: Can pick through trash and get to openings, but is primarily a power runner on the inside. Lowers his shoulders and depends on running over tacklers instead of going around them. Gets extra yards after contact- falls forward after being hit. Is not the most patient runner, which keeps him from fitting zone schemes.

Final Word: Dixon was a stud high school runner who many thought would turn the poor fortunes of Miss. State football around. Dixon had an up and down career in Starkville. He set school records for rushing yards and touchdowns, but he was arrested for a DUI before his senior season.
Dixon is a workhorse, and has the tools to carry the load in the NFL. Not only is he a proven power back, but he is also a very capable receiver.