Dezmon Briscoe
6’2, 207 pounds | Wide receiver | Kansas

Acceleration: Has poor acceleration and takes awhile to get up to speed. Doesn’t burst into and out of his cuts.

Agility: Possesses stellar leaping ability and knows how to high point a ball. Because of that, Briscoe will be a weapon in the red zone. But he doesn’t have the agility in the open field to make defenders miss. \

Body Control: Showed great body control shifting his hips around and making difficult catches. Uses his frame to get open positioning. Good control after the catch. Has strong arms to knock tacklers away. Will lower his shoulder and break tackles.

Blocking: Solid ability as a blocker. Uses his strength to push smaller cornerbacks around. Of course he’ll need some technique refinement, but most college receivers do.
Concentration/Hands: Struggles greatly with inconsistency catching the ball. Is tentative going over the middle or if he anticipates a hit. Shorts arms too many passes. Not a tough receiver until he has the ball in his hands. Will make spectacular catches but drop the simplest of throws.

Release: Knows how to use his hands to beat the jam. His hands help make up for below-average foot quickness off the snap.

Route Running:
Will need to be heavily coached up on his route running. Unless Briscoe is using his body control and size, he struggles to get open. A majority of Briscoes routes were verticals down the sideline. Ran some slants and got good position on them.

Possesses good size and solid bulk for the position. Built strong throughout his frame. Long arms. Definitely looks the part.

Speed: Is a long strider who takes time to get up to speed. Top-end speed is ordinary for a wide receiver. Doesn’t have a second gear to break away and gets tracked down from behind.

Final word: Briscoe is a hard player to evaluate. He’s looked spectacular at times and played with an average quarterback. But his hands are wildly inconsistent and he doesn’t like to go over the middle. He’s also not very fast or agile.

Still, it’s hard to dislike his playmaking ability. That’s why we rank him as high as we do. Perhaps he just needs better coaching.