Darrell Stuckey

5’11 1/2, 205 pounds | Safety | Kansas

Agility: Stuckey has some struggles turning fluidly and takes false steps. He doesn’t lose balance, but needed coached up on his turn. Not necessarily a quick-twitch athlete.

Ball Skills: Has shown good hands in the past, intercepting five passes in 2008. Goes after the ball when making tackles.

Instincts: Is a little inconsistent in his recognition skills. He’ll sometimes be a step late on play action and give up too much space. Works faster when he’s playing the deep middle.

Pass Coverage: Is a presence in zone coverage and uses his hitting ability to keep receivers out of his zone. Covers a lot of ground when the ball is in the air. In man, Stuckey has some trouble staying with his man. Needs to have his man technique refined. Gets too high in his backpedal and takes false steps on his turn. Doesn’t have the foot quickness to stay with shifty receiver. Has shown good hands – intercepted eight passes in his career. Has above-average arm length for a player his size. 
Run Support: Is quick to come up and support against the run. Shows good instincts to work through blockers and get after the ball. Although he’s not much of a gap plugger, Stuckey is stout against the run.

Size: Is a little short for a safety and can get in trouble when he’s covering taller wide receivers or tight ends. Has good bulk and won’t have to add a lot of strength. Above-average arm length and hand size.

Speed: Shows very good speed, especially in a straight line. Chases down a lot of ball carriers in the open field. Gets up to speed really fast. Closes with a good burst. Takes good pursuit angles. For what it’s worth, Stuckey returned kickoffs in 2009, averaging 25.6 yards on 14 returns.

Tackling: Ordinary as a tackler. Is more of a drag down tackler. Likes to lay out players, but too often misses. Needs to add more strength to become a stronger tackler.

Final word: Stuckey really arrived during his junior season when he had 98 tackles, seven pass breakups and five interceptions. He had somewhat of a down season in 2009.

Stuckey doesn’t have great athleticism or physical skill, but he’s a try-hard player. He can really pop a ball carrier and is solid in coverage.