Ciron Black

6’4, 327 pounds | Offensive tackle | LSU

Awareness: Started 53 consecutive games and his experience shows. Knows his assignments and picks up blitzes pretty well. Doesn’t get fooled or mixed up on stunts. Communicates well with his teammates to adjust blocking assignments on defensive audibles.

Initial quickness: Gets off the line fairly slow and may not have the quickness to play left tackle. In fact, he may be a guard in the NFL based on his quickness. A non-factor on the second level when he has to move laterally and locate agile opponents.

Pass blocking: Too slow-footed to stay at left tackle. Is slow out of his blocks and has heavy feet. Doesn’t have a good kick step to play fast ends who come around the outside. Much better when he doesn’t have to move and can block against power defenders. Makes himself wide which forces ends to work deep around. Struggles when asked to cut block.

Run blocking: Great as a phone booth run blocker. Keeps a wide base and really gets after defenders in his area. Knows how to use his power in the run game. Has the strength to neutralize ends and drive them out of the play. Has a real nasty streak to him at times. Not asked to block on pulls and traps.

Size: Possesses good enough size and has a lot of bulk. Slightly below average arm length (33 inches). Frame looks to be maxed out.

Strength: Black has a strong frame, particularly in his upper body. Although he only bench pressed 23 times at the combine, he plays with a lot more strength.

Technique: Gets too high in his stance and loses leverage. Needs to do a better job sinking bending his knees and sinking his hips. Uses his hands well. Drive blocks especially good and always keeps his legs churning.

Final word: Black is very similar to the man he replaced at LSU, Andrew Whitworth. He’s big and strong but not a good athlete. Because of that, he might be a right tackle at best in the NFL. Guard might be an even more appropriate location as he’s a very good run blocker.

Black may not have the highest ceiling, but he’s certainly not as bad as people make him out to be. He’s incredibly durable and his experience shows in his instincts.