Sean Lee

6’2 1/8, 236 pounds | Linebacker | Penn State

Coverage: Looked much better in pass coverage as a senior than he did previously in his career. Seems to know routes so he can properly read and react. Solid covering the underneath zone, even though he’s lacking agility.

Instincts: Like many Penn State linebackers before him, Lee has very good instincts. Seems to know where a play is going before the ball is even snapped. Gets himself in good position thanks to his instincts. Rarely gets fazed by fakes or draws.

Pass Rush: Used more earlier in his career as a standup outside pass rusher. Times the snap impressively. Knows how to use his hands to disengage. Really doesn’t have any pass rush moves.

Pursuit: Lee gives a lot of effort in pursuit but he doesn’t have the best later agility. He can’t change direction in an instant. However, Lee uses his burst to close on the ball in a hurry.
Run defense: Is much better as an interior run defender than as a outside run defender. Following an ACL injury in 2008, Lee didn’t look as laterally fluid working the edges. But he’s a terror on the inside. He can quickly shed blocks and get to the ball carrier. Shows a good burst to close.

Displays good but not great strength. Will get out-muscled by tight ends when he’s dropped in coverage.

Tackling: He may not be the most imposing tackler, but Lee shows great ability as a tackler. Wraps up on a consistent basis. Shows the technique to break down in the open field and take on ball carriers in the open field.

Versatility: Played outside linebacker early in his career but held the middle as a senior. Can probably play either at the next level. But his intelligence leads you to believe he’s better-suited for the middle.

Final word: Lee profiles a lot like former Penn State linebackers Paul Posluszny and Dan Connor. He’s a heady player with solid strength and athleticism. He’ll probably never be a spectacular player, but he’s very solid.

He had to sit out the 2008 season after tearing his right ACL. The injury knocked him out for 15 months and has somewhat limited his lateral agility.