Koa Misi

6’2 5/8, 251 pounds | Outside linebacker/defensive end | Utah

Pass coverage: Misi showed during Senior Bowl practices that he has the hip fluidity to turn and run with tight ends. Whether he can translate that into actual gameplay is an unknown. He rarely was used in coverage as an end for Utah. But when he did drop back, he got decent depth.

Pass rush: Is a disruptive pass rusher, even though his numbers may not indicate it. Finished a three-year career with 26 tackles for a loss and 11 sacks. But Misi does a good job of hustling and getting his hands into passing lanes.

Pursuit: Closing speed is excellent. Once Misi locates a target, he gets after it without wasted motion. Uses his plus agility to maneuver around offensive players to get after the ball.

Quickness: Possesses superb explosion off the snap. Fires out of his stance low and corners quickly. Quickness should translate just fine to playing linebacker.
Run defend: Misi’s biggest weakness. Because of his lacking skills stopping the run, Misi may have to begin his career as only a pass-rush specialist. His lateral agility is solid, but he doesn’t always take great angles to the ball. Gets beat on counter plays too frequently. Needs to become a more heady run defender. Gives a lot of effort. Can be knocked around by big backs.

Strength: Has decent playing strength. Knows how to properly use his hands to keep blockers off him. But sometimes when Misi gets into the backfield and stopped by a running back, he can be neutralized. Needs to continue adding strength to his lower body to work against the run.

Tackling: Misi’s combination of explosiveness and upper body strength helps him make tackles when the ball carrier isn’t in the open field. When he’s going one-on-one with a ball carrier, he can be juked and needs to play less recklessly. If he can get stronger throughout his frame, he should only improve here.

Misi largely played end for Utah, but he did play out of a two-point stance on occasion. He projects as a 3-4 linebacker because he doesn’t have great size and may get neutralized by offensive linemen who don’t let players get under their pads. Should be an asset on special teams.

Final word: Misi really came on during Senior Bowl week. He was one of the week’s most outstanding players because he showed he has the athleticism to move laterally.

He’ll probably enter the league as a project player, but his upside is very good.