Brandon Ghee

5’11 5/8, 192 pounds | Cornerback | Wake Forest

Agility/Hips: Ghee’s hips are incredibly fluid and he can turn in an instant. He’ll lose a step, though, because he’s so high cut. His feet aren’t as quick as his hips and he loses a step.

Ball Skills: Hands are poor. Only registered on interception during his career. Ghee did manage to break up 25 passes during his career and is more of a knock away defender.

Instincts: Shows much better recognition skills in zone coverage than in man coverage. In zone he does a really nice job of reading the quarterback. In man, though, he gets beaten too often by double moves and fakes.

Man coverage: Against bigger receivers, Ghee shows a lot of toughness. He actually matches up much better against bigger receiver that are slow than smaller quick receivers. Has long arms that he extends all the way to am at the line.

Pursuit: Ghee’s recovery speed is very good. In the times he gets beat by shifty receivers, he can make up for it with his speed. Has a good burst to close.
Size: Has solid size for the position and is just under six feet tall. Has good bulk with long arms.

Speed: Has good speed and burst. Clocked in officially with a 4.45 40-yard dash time at the combine. Will struggle to get up to speed quickly when he has to change direction.

Tackling/Run Support: Shows average tackling ability for a cornerback. Needs to become more fundamentally sound as a tackler. Likes to be an aggressive hitter. Willing and able to help in run coverage.

Zone coverage: Ghee can get too tall in his backpedal which hurts his turning ability. Likes to give up a big cushion so he can break on the ball. This will often get him in trouble when a receiver works underneath. But Ghee can read a quarterback nicely and against less-athletic receivers he’s very good in zone.

Final word: Ghee was a three-year starter for Wake Forest and at times looks like a very good cornerback. But at other times he looks more like a safety. It’s this kind of inconsistency that drops Ghee’s stock some.