Rodger Safflold

6’5, 318 pounds | Offensive tackle | Indiana

Awareness-Good awareness, however, Ive seen him whiff on a couple blocks. Usually doesn’t have a problem recognizing his assignment and executing it.

Strength-Really lacks the strength to be effective against bull rushers. Is at his best finessing the opposing linemen. He did 27 reps at the combine which isn’t stellar. Should improve his strength with a professional strength and conditioning coach.

Reliability- Solid in this department. Played 41 games as a 4 year starter at IU. He was put in with 6 games left in his freshman year and hasn’t looked back since. Shouldn’t have a problem staying healthy in the NFL.

Technique-You really notice his knees bending when you watch him. Has a good punch and burst off the ball. He went up against several of the best pass rushers in the big 10 and did very well against most. His technique could use a little refining as any ones and he shouldn’t have a problem with this, he is very coach-able according to the IU staff.

Versatility-Very versatile, could play either LG or LT. Has all the qualities of a solid Lt but most think he projects better at LG. Even though he hasn’t played much LG, most scouts feel he would even be better at LG. Still, I see him as a LT.

Quickness-Really displayed good quickness at the Senior Bowl, absolutely shut down Greg Hardy and Rahim Alem at the Senior Bowl. Displayed great ability to seal the edge and knock the DEs off their first step. Displayed all the ability that zone blocking schemed teams look for.

Pass Blocking-Above Average pass blocker. He isn’t elite but he definitely holds his own. Gets back in his stance fast and shuffles his feet quickly. Really, His quick feet make him a very promising pass blocker in a zone blocking scheme. He could seal off the edge against some of the best pass rushers in the Big 10. However, He isn’t an NFL ready pass blocker and seems to do better with help.

Run Blocking- Really Good, Really struggles with bull rushing DL, but this could be due to his lack of strength. One thing I noticed is his ability to get to the second level which is promising. He just gets tangled up at the line with bigger stronger DL. However, his ability to get to the second level shows he could be a solid run blocker when he adds strength. He displayed very good run blocking in the Senior Bowl.

Integrity- According to every IU fans I talked to, this guy is just balls to the wall on every play. One reason his coaches played him so early was his leadership by example. Again, that’s from IU fans so take it for what its worth. Ive searched for character concerns and I couldn’t find any. From what they say, I didn’t expect it. He sounds like a 100% guy which is under valued by fans but not coaches.

Overview-After his impressive performance at the combine and Senior Bowl, Id say he will probably go in the 2nd. He might slip to the 3rd but I doubt it. I really think man-blocking teams will stay far away from him. However, Zone blocking teams will drool over this guy in the 2nd round and I would even bet the first one in the 2nd round takes him.