Trent Williams

6’4, 315 pounds | Offensive tackle | Oklahoma

Awareness/Reaction: Playing at left tackle in 2009, Williams showed he can adjust to quick inside moves. Showed improvement as a senior picking up blitzing linebackers and allowing the guard to switch over to blocking the end. Playing on the right side, Williams was able to rely on his tight end to help, but also not get in his way.

Balance: Has showed he can handle a strong punch without it knocking him around. Stays stationary in his set and is strong enough to maintain his leverage.

Initial quickness: Showed better quickness moving to his right than to his left. Doesn’t get good enough quick depth on his slide move. Sets into his stance fairly quickly and has fast, active hands.


Pass Blocking:
Williams was inconsistent in his pass protection in 2009, his first year at left tackle. At times, he was slow to adjust and get set. He works well enough to the outside, but counter moves to the inside gave him trouble. Is a natural knee bender, and has solid agility, so it’s not out of the question that he could stay on the left side.

Pulling/Trapping: Used some on slide blocking and showed the footwork to move around good enough. Although he needs to improve his footwork some, it’s good enough for the few times he’ll probably be asked to pull or trap.

Run Blocking: Played in a man blocking scheme and looked good playing the run. He has a toughness that a lot of this year’s top linemen don’t possess. Williams gets good position and doesn’t let defenders into his pads. Really does nice work running opponents right out of the play and pancaking them.

Size: Williams has a solid frame and a powerful built. He’s not trim and cut like Bruce Campbell, but he doesn’t need to be. He has long arms, but could use them better.

Strength: Has good functional playing strength but isn’t a mammoth of a tackle. Could stand to get stronger, which would help him against power rushers. Williams has had trouble in the past with aggressive power rushers who can push him backward.

Technique: Where Williams gets knocked behind someone like Russell Okung is in his technique. Williams lunges at defenders too much and doesn’t always get proper arm extension. Goes in reverse too much instead of just shuffling his feet laterally.

Final word: Williams’ draft stock fluctuated for a lot of 2009 after switching from right tackle to left tackle. Although the left is where Williams has said he wants to play, he’s clearly better on the right side. Before his senior year, he started 25 games on the right side and was one of the best blockers in the country.

Starting 13 games at left tackle, Williams was spotty. At the beginning of the season, he was erratic, particularly in his pass blocking. Williams wasn’t fundamentally sound and got beat too often by rushers who could beat him to the outside.  But as the season progressed, Williams clearly became more comfortable on the left side.

Williams played through some nagging injuries during his senior year, which clearly affected his transition to the left side. He sat out a game, but doesn’t have an injury history to worry about.

With Williams, a team will get a surefire top right tackle. But if Williams can address some minor technical issues, he has the athleticism to play the left side.