John Jerry – Ole Miss

Scout: David Syvertsen

Height/Weight: 6’6/328

40 Time: 5.15

Pro Potential: Ben Grubbs, Baltimore Ravens

Position Traits

Awareness/Reaction: Does not react well to the double moves. Not a quick thinker. Will struggle with complex stunts and blitzing schemes.

Balance: Plays with a wide base and natural, consistent knee bend which gives him maximum power. Looks uncomfortable in space, tends to get top heavy as the engagement with the pass rusher progresses.

Initial Quickness: Very fast off the ball. Extends straight forward, does a nice job of not standing up and then firing out.

Movement/Space: Moves exceptionally well in space for a player his size. Can get out in front and really pave the way for a ball carrier. Loses a lot of his power the further out he gets in space against a defender.

Pass Blocking: When his technique is on, Jerry can neutralize the best of the interior pass rushers in the country. He bends naturally at the knee when his conditioning is not an issue, and his long arms can keep his opponent at bay. His hands are not consistently strong enough to lock on to speed rushers, but when he starts off well he can neutralize anyone.

Pulling/Trapping: Gets out of his stance well and he can move like a tight end in space, but he does not play with enough power when moving laterally. This is the one part of his game where he consistently plays too high.

Run Blocking: Starts off picture perfect, low and powerful. Can stifle a defender with his initial pop, but he does not lock on and his man will get off his blocks too often.

Size/Length/Hand Size: Tremendous body. He got rid of some bad weight prior to the Senior Bowl and combine, and it made a huge impact on his ability to move. Healthy legs paired with long arms. Hands are not powerful enough.

Strength/Explosion/Pop: Could use more upper body strength. Possesses a strong base that can move big defenders inside when his technique is on cue. When he plays low, his power can stand a defender up and give him the initial advantage. Quick blocker at the point of attack.

Technique: Inconsistent during the 2009 season, but he was on point throughout the Senior Bowl week in Mobile. Outstanding and healthy legs allow him to bend naturally at the knees and throw his hips in to the defender. He emphasizes his arm length with great extension. Needs to work on getting his hands inside so he can lock on.

Final Word: The brother of 2009 first round pick Peria, John Jerry has moved his way in to second round consideration after a strong senior bowl in Mobile. His conditioning was consistently an issue at Ole Miss, but if he can stay where he is at right now (sub-330), he can be an immediate starter in the NFL. His combination of size, power, and athleticism gives him the upside of possibly being the top guard from this draft class. He has experience at both right tackle and right guard, although he is much better suited for the interior trenches. He brings the right attitude to the game but must prove that he can play with consistent technique. The tools are in place and he has shown he can dominate the best defensive linemen the country has to offer, but he needs to prove that he can take in coaching and apply it to his game week in and week out. He should be taken off the board by the middle of round 3, but he impressed enough scouts in Mobile and Indianapolis to get himself called in the top 60.