Patrick Robinson – Florida State

Scout: David Syvertsen

Height/Weight: 5’11/190

40 Time: 4.42

Pro Potential: Jabari Greer – New Orleans Saints

Position Traits

Agility/Hips: Very fluid and loose hips. Can change direction at a high speed with ease. Very easy mover from the waist on down. Turns and runs well, very little wasted motion.

Ball Skills: Does not come down with enough interceptions, just one over the his final two seasons after 6 in 2007. Does get his hand on a lot of balls however, reacts well at the last second. Broke up 11 passes in 2009.

Body Control: Appears to be out of control at times but plays with balance and precision for the most part. Rarely loses his feet when he turns downfield. Struggles to defend the jump ball at times but that is more of timing issue than a body control issue.

Instincts/Recognition: A very decisive player that thinks fast and reacts even faster. However it hurts him at times because he does not react well to pump fakes and double moves. Can easily be fooled by any sort of fake. Likes to gamble.

Man Coverage/Turning Ability/Press Skill: Can mirror a receiver all over the field. Has the quickness to stick with a shifty underneath route runner and the speed to run with a strider downfield. Very fluid in his turn and go. Does not deliver a physical punch at the line, his rear stays too high and his hands do not control the receiver at the line.

Pursuit: Plays as fast as he needs to when it comes to pursuit. Has shown the ability to chase down some of the faster players in college football from behind. High effort.

Speed: Shows outstanding game speed, rarely gets beat deep. Excellent acceleration after he makes his decision. Can run with anyone.

Tackling/Run Support: Willing to throw his hat in to the pile with aggression. Makes the effort to get low and wrap up. Recorded over 50 tackles his senior season from the corner position. Plays with more power than one would think.

Zone Coverage: Struggles to make dual reads. Easily fooled and is much better off in man coverage where his gambles will pay off. Does not use his athleticism in zone coverage.

Final Word: After a sophomore season where he finished with 6 interceptions, Patrick Robinson struggled to take that next step up. However he displayed the kind of foot quickness and agility that a cornerback must have at the next level. His ball skills are lacking and it will keep him from getting in to the first round, but teams will be attracted to the combination of physical skills here. He consistently puts his body on the line, which gave him a wide array of nagging injuries, and he is a hustler that could prove to be a prospect that outplays several corners taken ahead of him.