Daryl Washington
6’1 3/4, 230 pounds | Outside linebacker | TCU

Coverage: Showed he’s solid dropping back into zone and covering an area. Possesses the hip flexibility and speed to man cover on running backs and tight ends.

Instincts: Although Washington only started one season for TCU, he displays very good football intelligence. He can quickly diagnose a play and figure out where it’s going. Rarely got fooled by play action plays. Very good pre-snap awareness. Blocked four punts in his career.

Pass rush: When Washington gets a gap, he’s a very good pass rusher. Works well to the inside despite his lack of strength. Can out-quick running backs to close on the quarterback. Finished his career with five and a half sacks.

Pursuit: Very smooth in his pursuit and fluid moving in space. Has the speed to track down ball carriers. But where Washington needs to improve here is in the angles he takes. Would make more plays if he was more disciplined in his pursuit.

Quickness: Washingotn might be the quickest linebacker prospect in this year’s draft. He’s always playing on his toes and can cut on a dime. Changes direction with ease and doesn’t lose speed or quickness when doing so.

Run defense: Moves around with ease thanks to his speed and agility. A true sideline-to-sideline player. Has the range to stop the run from all sides of the field. Uses his speed to recover when he takes poor angles.

Size: Washington has good height and length, but he doesn’t have a lot of bulk. Undersized build for an NFL linebacker. While he has the frame to get bigger, it may affect his agility – which is his best asset.

Strength: Not the best strength. Doesn’t have the functional take-on strength to be a force in the running game. Has the speed and instincts to overcome his strength limitations.

Tackling: Not much of a power tackler. Typically has to drag down stronger running backs and tight ends. Needs to increase his take-on strength. Can be shrugged off when he doesn’t use proper tackling fundamentals.

Versatility: Played inside in TCU’s 4-2-5 scheme. Has the instincts to hold the middle, just not the size. Because of that, he should only be considered an outside linebacker. Played a lot on special teams, which is an added bonus.

Final word: Although Washington played in 51 games, he only started one season for the Horned Frogs. He is incredibly athletic and fast, which makes him a real talent on special teams.

Washington may have to start there in the pros while he bulks up and learns a more standard NFL defensive scheme.