Kyle Wilson – Boise State

Scout: David Syvertsen

Height/Weight: 5’10/194

40 Time:

Pro Potential: Asante Samuel – Philadelphia Eagles

Position Traits

Agility/Hips: Very quick and fluid hips. Shows a lot of flexibility when swinging to either side. Remains balanced throughout. Light on his feet and changes direction with ease at a high speed.

Ball Skills: Reacts to the ball better than most receivers. Can adjust his body to any angle in order to ensure he comes down with the ball. Positions his body well and times his breaks with consistent precision. Has the hands of a receiver.

Body Control: Plays with complete balance from head to toe, constantly upright and in position to explode in a break.

Instincts/Recognition: Very smart player that anticipates throws. Gets himself moving towards the action before the ball is even thrown. Does trust his instincts too much at times, can be fooled and caught gambling. Gets caught peeking in to the backfield, will lose track of what is behind him in zone coverage.

Man Coverage/Turning Ability/Press Skill: Loves this part of the game. Likes to be physical at the point of attack and has abused receivers trying to get off his jam. Has the speed and quick step to shadow a receiver all over the field. Fluid as he turns and runs, maintains acceleration while keeping track of the ball.

Pursuit: Likes to fly around and pursues plays on the other side of the field. A true hustler that knows his speed, takes proper angles.

Speed: Reaches top speed fat, but may lack the top tier deep speed. Does not seem to trust himself against a fast receiver, will give a lot of cushion if he does not have the over-the-top help.

Tackling/Run Support: Very physical, shows zero hesitation in throwing his body in to the action. Can blitz with the best of them, and he knows how to finish. Wraps up more than the average cornerback but will get caught diving at the ankles.

Zone Coverage: Can use his reading ability and explosion well with the action transpiring in front of him. Does not do well when moving backwards in zone coverage, loses track of the action behind him.

Final Word: Because Wilson played a lower level of Division I football, it was important for him to go down to Mobile and perform at the Senior Bowl. He was, without a doubt, the top cornerback there and he cemented himself as a first round caliber talent. His ball skills are top notch (10 career INTs – 27 pass breakups) and his ability to read a quarterback and time his breaks are NFL ready. He can play man coverage in any NFL scheme right away because of the quickness and his physical nature. His intangibles are top notch and the option he brings to the table as a solid return specialist will only increase his value, possibly in to the top 20. With the NFL constantly looking for athlete that can fulfill multiple roles each week, Wilson is going to catch the eye of a lot of evaluators.