Tim Tebow will not be throwing at the 2010 Scouting Combine, but we were able to get a small look at his new throwing motion.

Much can be said about a player’s decision to wait until 2 months before the Draft to change a problem that scouts and coaches have told him about for four years (Mel Kiper famously did it on ESPN Radio last year).

Tim Tebow is supposedly new and improved- but you won’t see that at the NFL Combine. Say what you will about his intangibles, but Tebow is not endearing himself to scouts, coaches or general managers with this decision.

We’ve broken down the tape of Tim Tebow throwing on NFL Network All Access, and here’s what we saw.

OLD Tebow: Slow delivery, wind up motion, holds ball way too low, poor footwork (clumsy, slow), hitch in throwing motion. No experience under center, very poor 3, 5, 7 step drops. Ball lacks zip and floats on throws to every level. Lacks fundamentals under center. Ball is dropped before motion begins over his shoulder.

“NEW” Tebow: Holding ball higher (ear level). Feet look faster. Moving on his toes. Delivery is still slow, but comes out higher. Whip through with back leg much improved. Video from NFLN highlights Tebow learning High School level quarterback fundamentals (balance, shuffle and depth in drops). VERY remedial.

The new delivery has Tebow throwing holding and releasing the ball higher, which is a big improvement from his torso-level throwing previously. His new delivery is faster going up and over the top. It will be very interesting to see how his accuracy has been affected with the new delivery.

The tape did not show Tebow throwing to actual receivers and shows no full-body shots of him throwing deep; which is our main concern.

Tebow will work out at the Florida Pro Day on March 17th.