Tyson Alualu – California

Scout: David Syvertsen

Height/Weight: 6’2/291

40 Time:

Pro Potential: Darrell Reid – Denver Broncos

Position Traits

Pass Rush/Closing Ability/Moves and Counter Movies: Gets by using his low center of gravity and hands to prevent the blocker from locking on. Will use an effective spin move to free himself up inward. Does not have the explosion off the edge that is going to warrant double teams or chip blocks.

Pursuit/Lateral Movement/Agility: Quick feet that can make a blocker miss in a small space. Moves down the line very well and has had times where he is a force within the tackle box because of the ability to move laterally. High effort player that will constantly pursue the ball no matter where he is.

Quickness/Explosion: Does not have the explosion off the snap you look for in a defensive end. Can get off the ball well, but nothing better than the average defensive lineman in the NFL. Quick in tight spaces, can move from gap to gap laterally very well.

Run Defend/Recognition: Can be stout against the run, at the very least holds his ground well. An active penetrator that totaled over 60 tackles each of the past two seasons. A productive player from different positions.

Size/Length/Hand Size: Has a stout frame, incredibly thick legs that he uses well to drive through blockers and maintain his position. Does not have the upper body of an NFL defensive lineman, needs to work hard in the weight room. Average length to his arms.

Strength/Ability to Shed Blocks: Has a strong presence on the field. Hard to move but it has more to do with his on-going motor and strong legs. He could use some more bulk up top to aid the process of shedding a straight ahead blocker. Does not get off the double team well, is often a non-factor when two blockers move downhill on him.

Tackling: Engulfs the ball carrier, very sound technique with controlled aggression. Plays with an angry mindset, finishes plays and rarely misses a tackle. Surprising movement in space when face to face with a ball carrier. Quick and assertive.

Technique/Hand Use/Leverage: Has come a long way since 2008 when it comes to his technique. He used to be an out-of-control penetrator that lost track of his footwork and body positioning. He likes to set himself up instead of firing through a gap to ensure his strong base is completely beneath him as he attacks with his hands. Stays low and drives his hand upward. Plays with strong technique no matter where he starts out.

Versatility: Has seen plenty of action inside and out, left and right. Even spent some time standing up as a rush linebacker. Can be a fit for any scheme because of his natural size and above average athleticism in tight space.

Final Word: One game tape watched on Alualu, and it is hard not to fall in love with the his style of play. He may lack size, speed, and explosion but the motor he plays with cannot be topped. He is giving 100% on each play no matter the situation or opponent, something that most defensive lineman cannot say. Another attractive portion of Alualu’s game is his ability to play all spots along the defensive front. His best fit may come as defensive end in a 3-4 scheme where he has the technician type approach and is also very difficult for one blocker to keep at bay. He has the athleticism that a coach can use in creative packages, as seen in his ability to rush the edge as well as drop in to coverage via the zone blitz. The players that produce consistently despite the physical shortcomings are always worth a second look. Alualu is wise beyond his years and will enter the league with more maturity than the normal rookie. His set of intangibles is what coaches look for when searching for those vital role players, and he should get his name called before the end of round 3.