You were part of a strong Senior Bowl class down in Mobile. What did you take from that experience?

To really enjoy playing what you are doing. I had a great time at the Senior
Bowl. It was cool meeting all the players from across the country and being
able to go out and play and practice with them.

What is one part of your game that you feel needs to be worked on the most before you are ready to contribute to an NFL team?

I feel like anchoring the bullrush and finishing blocks.

What part of your game do you feel sets you apart from other offensive tackles in this draft class?

I feel like my athletic ability and my competitive nature.

When did becoming an NFL player become a reality for you?

I would say when I started at right tackle for Virginia Tech. Just getting out there and playing for a high caliber team like that made me feel like I had a shot.

Who is the toughest player you have ever gone up against?

I have played against a bunch of tough players, but I would say Everette Brown
was one of the toughest.

You have played tight end, right tackle, and left tackle in college. Where do you feel your future lies at the next level?

I see myself at left tackle.

Your strength numbers at Virginia Tech have been very impressive. How do you feel that strength translates on to the field?

I feel like it is very important. Everyone out there is very strong so you have
to be strong as well to be able to compete with them.

You have the prototypical body for the left tackle position in the NFL,  how does that help your game?

I feel like it helps a lot because I can move pretty well. I think its a big
advantage to have the weight and arms and be able to move to be able to play
left tackle.

Describe your work ethic, leadership, and intangibles that you displayed at Virginia Tech.

I work very hard. I have always worked very hard, even when I was a child. I
definitely lead by example. I speak up at times, but I left my actions speak
for me. I feel like being a good person is the most important thing that I
have. I always try to do the right thing even when there is no one looking.
Coach Beamer always told us that if you do the little things right that the big
things will come and I truly believe that.

How do you feel your career at Virginia Tech prepared you for the NFL? Are there any abilities that you were not able to display there because of position/scheme/coaching?

I feel like Virginia Tech prepared me as best as possible and I would not trade
it to be at any other school. We have a great program and they utilized all my
abilities. We ran a pro style offense and that helps a lot compared to other
teams who ran only spread or triple option. I feel like Tech has a quality
program and the players they produce every year speaks for itself.