Dexter McCluster – Ole Miss

Scout: David Syvertsen

Height/Weight: 5’8 – 165

40 Time:

Pro Potential: Darren Sproles – San Diego Chargers

Position Traits

Acceleration/Burst/Quickness: Reaches his top speed in a blink. Once he has three to four steps moving downhill, he is moving at a higher speed than anyone else on the field.

Ball Protection: Hides the ball very well when moving through traffic, uses both arms to cover the ball as he lowers his shoulder. Very aware of the ball’s location in relation to his body when moving in space.

Elusiveness/Feet/Agility: Can miss a lot of tacklers, has the last second quickness to evade hits. Can cut on a 45 degree angle while moving at full speed without losing his momentum. Can find the tiny windows. Has an agile and flexible lower half with feet that appear to glide along the ground when he is in stride.

Pass Catching: Can make the tough catch all over the field. Smooth and fluid receiver that has plenty of experience playing in the slot. Totaled 130 receptions over his four year career at Ole Miss. Could very well end up playing wide receiver at the next level.

Pass Blocking: Willing to step and can deliver a surprising jolt to the pass rusher. Has power in that little frame . Does not have a lot of experience staying home and blocking however. Was almost always running a route when the ball was not in his hands.

Power: Knows when to put his head down and fight for the extra yard. Shows no hesitation in lowering his shoulder in to a pile. Surprising power for a player his size.

Size/Length/Hand Size: Very thin, even for a 5’8 frame. Has a strong body with some bulk up top.

Speed: Top tier game speed that can allow him to run away from anyone in the open field. Changes the defense’s approach to a play with his presence on the field.

Vision/Balance/Running Instincts: Has average cutback vision, more of a straight ahead runner that can anticipate lanes past the line of scrimmage. Runs with very little wasted motion, tremendous balance and ability to maintain his maximum explosion and speed.

Final Word: A look at Dexter McCluster leads many to believe he is simply too small to hack it at the next level. But the explosion, quickness, and speed he is able to bring to the field every play of every week is going to possibly get his name called in the second round. McCluster is one of the most versatile playmakers in the country that can play a Wes Welker role as a receiver and a Darren Sproles role as a running back. He has plenty of experience in the wildcat formation and his return abilities will be used right away in the NFL. On top of all the physical ability, McCluster is one of the smartest players that Ole Miss coaching staff has ever dealt with. He is another coach on the field that can make sound, quick decisions. Playing at 165 pounds in the NFL cannot happen however, so he will need to bulk up if he is planning on taking 15-20 hits per game for a 16 week season. With this kind of athleticism though, McCluster is one of the safer bets of the 2010 draft class.