Tim Tebow – Florida

Scout: David Syvertsen

Height/Weight: 6’3/236

40 Time:

Pro Potential: David Garrard – Jacksonville Jaguars

Position Traits

Accuracy: Can hit moving targets in stride on the numbers consistently throughout all three levels when he has a clear vision and the time to set his feet. Does underthrow the intermediate pass too often, making it a difficult catch for his receiver. Struggles to throw the receiver open, does not see the windows in coverage before they appear.

Arm Strength: Has enough arm strength to put the ball on a line fifty yards downfield in to the wind, as seen in Mobile. Can put his body in to a throw and get it on a rope in between the numbers. The sideline passes take a little too long to reach the receiver, but he has an average NFL arm.

Athleticism/Mobility: Has plenty of experience as a runner because of the offense he played in throughout his tenure at Florida. Has a bruising, fullback type running style. Not as mobile as one would believe when looking at the numbers, lacks explosion and agility in the open field.

Decision Making: Will go through multiple reads and maximize his time in the pocket. Does not give up on a play too soon. Likes to take risks, but they are calculated and safe, not reckless. Just 16 career interceptions despite nearly 1,000 passing attempts.

Field Vision: Has been playing under a single read offense for four years, very little experience with diagnosing a defense and seeing the whole field. Did an impressive job in Mobile however with locating coverage and anticipating windows.

Mechanics: Very long, looping release that starts beneath his waist and makes a big circle behind his body before the ball reaches his ear hole. Does not have a smooth release, inconsistent and choppy which ends with a lot of wobblers. Footwork needs to be refined because of the fact that he played out of the shotgun almost every play at Florida. Is a natural athlete however that improved his mechanics as the week progressed at the Senior Bowl.

Pocket Awareness/Poise: Has a good feel for the action around him, does a nice job of getting the ball out quickly. Will stand his ground in the throwing position with a defender bearing down on him. Tough competitor in the pocket that is not afraid to take hits.

Touch: Showed surprising ability to put the ball in a bucket throwing over a defender. Will throw the ball short at times, but can really lay it in there when he has time to set his body up for the throw.

Final Word: It has been well documented here and everywhere else that the destination of Tim Tebow is going to be the most interesting storyline to follow on draft day. Probably the best college football player ever, Tebow might not even have a position at the next level. He will get the opportunity to be a starting quarterback in the NFL, but his experience playing under center is so minimal and his release is so long, he will need plenty of time to get acclimated to this kind of game. However, the immediate production he can bring via the increasingly popular wildcat offense could be as much as what a first round running back would do for a team. Considering the top notch intangibles, it is hard to dismiss the notion that Tebow is actually one of the safest picks in this draft class because one way or another, he is going to be a positive asset to an NFL team.