Sam Young – Notre Dame

Scout: David Syvertsen

Height/Weight: 6’8/305

40 Time:

Pro Potential: Ryan Diem – Indianapolis Colts

Position Traits

Awareness/Reaction: Smart player that loves the game. Has plenty of experience against top level competition, started each game throughout his four years at Notre Dame. Thinks fast and has a good feel for what the defensive front is trying to do.

Balance: Keeps his feet beneath him consistently. Takes proper steps to ensure he stays upright with maximum power. Will lunge after a defender but remains upright.

Initial Quickness: Does not jump the snap well, often the fourth or fifth lineman to react. Takes too long to get out of his stance and set up.

Movement/Space: Good athlete for his size that runs down the field looking to throw the extra block. Has good feet for the right tackle position, sub-par feet for a left tackle.

Pass Blocking: Struggles with the smaller, speed rushers because of his lack of knee bend. Displays the right technique and can keep a pass rusher at bay when he is in position, but he was wildly inconsistent as a pass rusher throughout his four years at Notre Dame.

Pulling/Trapping: Does not have a lot of experience pulling and getting out in front. Stands too tall out of his stance and takes too long to reach his destination.

Run Blocking: Waits too long to deliver a punch, letting the defender in to his body. Swings his hips in to the hole and gets himself in between the ball carrier and the defender. Stays on his block with inside hand position. Second level blocking is weak, as he does not adjust fast enough to a linebacker that moves laterally.

Size/Length/Hand Size: Big hands with long arms, has a slender frame that could easily pack on more good weight. Needs to bulk up before being a right tackle in the NFL.

Strength/Explosion/Pop: rarely comes out of his stance to deliver a blow. Usually on the receiving end of a pop, can be overpowered too easy.

Technique: Looks the part in drill work where he keeps his shoulders square, maintains quick and balanced feet, and proper knee bend. However once he is put in to live action, he loses the technique and becomes inconsistent when it comes to the areas noted above.

Final Word: Sam Young entered Notre Dame with enormous hype as he started at the right tackle position from day one. He saw most of his action at that spot but he does have 10 starts on the left side to his name. While Young has plenty of experience against tough competition, he never progressed in to the first round caliber talent that many thought he would. He looks the part at times, but too often was he found chasing after speed rushers or bring overpowered by the more powerful defenders. He is a limited athlete that projects as the backup-type at the next level. His intangibles and healthy body could get him in to the 4th round but in all reality, he is likely to end up being taken towards the 5th-6th round range.