Jonathan Dwyer – Georgia Tech

Scout: David Syvertsen

Height/Weight: 6’0/235

40 Time:

Pro Potential: Michael Turner – Atlanta Falcons

Position Traits

Acceleration/Burst/Quickness: Can get to his top speed very fast. Powerful legs increase his rate of acceleration. Does not make quick cuts, a pure downhill runner that does not run well when forced to make lateral cuts.

Ball Protection: Has had his fair share of fumbles, but most were a result of the complicated handoff and pitch system used at Georgia Tech. When he has complete control of the football, he shows proper technique and strength to keep the ball attached to his body. Very aware of where the ball is.

Elusiveness/Feet/Agility: Does not miss a lot of tacklers. Lacks the wiggle to avoid big hits. Feet can get heavy at times, making him an easy target for a tackler. Lacks the fluid agility in his hips to change direction smoothly.

Pass Catching: Was not a factor in the passing game. Has only 15 career receptions in 40 games. Rarely ran routes other than a chip block and turnaround.

Pass Blocking: Again, not enough experience as a blocker. Has struggled when asked to pick up the outside blitz. Poor technique and lacks the ability to lock on. Simply gives one weak shove and the pass rusher is by him. Effort is inconsistent.

Power: Very strong runner that is tough to take down by a lone tackler. Has tremendous leg drive and knows how to run low and use the power from the base. Runs with a low pad level through traffic. Shows no hesitation in lowering his shoulder and trying to run through a defender.

Size/Length/Hand Size: Very well put together athlete, especially for a running back. Has a fully developed lower half. Incredibly thick legs and huge rear that exerts a lot of power.

Speed: Has deceptive speed once he breaks in to the open field. Runs very well down hill, not so much when running laterally. Tough to catch from behind, seems to run as fast as he needs to.

Vision/Balance/Running Instincts: An unknown for the most part because of the system he is coming from. Spent the vast majority of his career starting with his hand in the dirt, 4 yards behind the quarterback. His keys as a running back were simple and basic. Very little experience deep in the backfield and reading his way through traffic. Shows average balance when making cuts, but does a nice job of bouncing off tacklers and moving forward.

Final Word: Dwyer has the ideal body for a running back that can takena pounding at the next level. His lower half is NFL ready and he is a very strong player that will break tackles, an essential part of the position. However, he is lacking in two other essential aspects with his inability and inexperience as a pass blocker and receiver. He has the talent to be an every down guy, but if he can’t pick up a blitz and/or catch a pass, his value to a team is very limited and not worth a selection in the first or second round. He entered the 2009 offseason workouts 15 pounds overweight and there have been whispers concerning his work ethic on a year round basis, therefore the 2008 ACC Player of the Year will need to impress in interviews and background checks in order to get his name called in the first round because he is already a risky prospect as he enters the league from a system he will not see in the NFL.