Jevan Snead – Ole Miss

Scout: David Syvertsen

Height/Weight: 6’3 – 214

40 Time:

Pro Potential: Marc Bulger – St. Louis Rams

Position Traits

Accuracy: Has a hard time hitting a moving target across the middle. Is often wild high as a result of throwing with a low elbow. Rarely hits a receiver in full stride, makes his target adjust too often.

Arm Strength: Very strong thrower that can launch the ball without being fully balanced. Can generate a lot of power from his arm alone. Needs to use his lower body more to get full force. Can make the deep out throws, a necessary asset at the next level.

Athleticism/Mobility: Has light feet in the pocket. Can run well in space and can break free if the opportunity presents itself. Comfortable mover when evading pressure.

Decision Making: Has the gunslinger mentality that trusts his arm perhaps a bit too much. Struggles to read coverage with pressure bearing down on him. Throws in to double coverage way too often. Likes to take chances, but will make the classic mistakes such as throwing downfield with all arm and throwing back across his body in to traffic.

Field Vision: Played in a pro style offense, thus he has experience making multiple reads upon dropping back. Does not always see the safety which results deep balls in to double coverage. Makes his mind up without going through necessary reads. Does not see the whole field.

Mechanics: Very inconsistent. Has the awkward throwing motion that does not go completely over the top. Short arms a lot of passes to quicken his release. Footwork is picture perfect at times, and absolutely horrid at others. Does not consistently drive through the pass, uses too much arm and not enough legs.

Pocket Awareness/Poise: Tough passer that will stay put in the pocket and take a hit. Has the body to handle plenty of hits. Can sense a blitz coming from the blind side and he can avoid pressure within the pocket well. Tries to get rid of the ball quickly, keeps the clock on in his head with each pass play.

Touch: Struggles to put touch on the ball when he has the time and space to. Likes to put the ball on a straight line. When the effort to put touch on the pass is there, his accuracy loses out and the ball floats on him.

Final Word: Snead entered the 2009 season as one of the top quarterback prospects in the nation but he consistently struggled and turned in a season that left most under the assumption that he would go back for his senior year. However in a quarterback class that is gray in terms of who is at the top, Snead will hope that scouts and coaches will fall in love with his arm strength and high ceiling. The ability and physical traits are there, but the mental side of the game is far from developed despite playing two years in a pro style offense. Throughout his 20 interception season this past fall, Snead made too many poor decisions and did not keep his mechanics under control. He hasn’t even sniffed the 60% completion percentage tier and he will need at least a full year under NFL coaching before he can be thrown in to the wolves. He is a player that entered college as one of the top signal callers in the nation and has been recognized for his hard work on and off the field. A change of scenery and less pressure may be what the doctor ordered to get the potential out of him.