Dez Bryant – Oklahoma State

Scout: David Syvertsen

Height/Weight: 6’2 – 220

40 Time:

Pro Potential: Terrell Owens – Buffalo Bills

Position Traits

Acceleration/Burst/Quickness: Outstanding quickness that can get him out in front right away. Is going north the second his hands are on the ball. Excellent short area quickness and ability to change direction at a high speed.

Agility/Leaping Ability: Consistently balanced which allows him to attack the ball in the air with full force. An excellent receiver in jump ball situations that grabs the ball at the apex of his leap. Can reach a very high vertical when leaving his feet from an awkward body position. A huge weapon in the red zone.

Blocking: Has the body and strength to dominate as a blocker, but the effort is up and down. Will run downfield on a big play to throw a block, but he is not the factor he is capable of being at the point of attack.

Body Control/Body Adjustment: Can be trusted to come down with the ball when the pass is not accurate. Locates the ball early and positions his body well to make a last second adjustment for the catch. Uses his big, strong frame to box out defensive backs like a power forward when the ball is up for grabs. Very balanced athlete through all of his progressions.

Concentration/Hands: Will let the ball in to his body at times, but possesses a strong pair of hands. At his best when near the end zone, knows how and when to deliver. Will be hesitant over the middle after he receives a big hit, but for the most part he is willing to sacrifice his body.

Release: Very tough to jam at the line. Has the blend of power, size, and quickness to combat any sort of press coverage. Does not have a ton of experience against press coverage and he will need to work on technique in this area.

Route Running: Can be used in all three levels of the passing game. Runs hard, aggressive route underneath that get plenty of separation. Reads coverages very well and works the seams with deceptions and explosion. Runs double routes exceptionally well, uses entire body to sell a defensive back. Explodes out of cuts. Does not break down and turn 90 or 180 degrees quick enough.

Separation: Obtains consistent separation with quickness rather than speed. Also uses his body to keep the defender away from the ball, giving the quarterback more space to work with in traffic.

Size/Length/Hand Size: Ask any coach Bryant has worked under, and it won’t take long to hear about the freakishly large hands he has. The football fits in to them as if it were a junior league ball. May not have the ideal height for the position but he is close enough. Thicker than the average wide receiver.

Speed: Does not have elite timed speed but he plays more than fast enough on game day. Tough to catch in the open field, will run away from defenders when he has the initial separation.

Vision/Run After the Catch: Outstanding with the ball in his hands. One of the best punt returners in the country. Dangerous in the screen package because of his yards after catch ability. Strong runner that does not dance around tacklers, will lower the shoulder. Also has the quick hips to miss tacklers that put their heads down. Uses and sets up blocks like a running back.

Final Word: Bryant’s top tier talent is undeniable, as he grades out across the board near or at the top in every category. However, before this season began there was the notion that he had the stereotypical star-receiver Prima Donna. Then he was suspended by the NCAA for the remainder of the 2009 season as a result of lying to officials concerning a relationship he had with Deion Sanders. On top of that, Bryant shares the same agent as Michael Crabtree, the Niners first round pick from 2009 that held out until October. If intangibles were not in the picture, Bryant would be a sure thing top 5 pick. He is ready for NFL action right now and can contribute as both a receiver an return specialist. He scored 21 total touchdowns in his last full season, and that kind of playmaking ability is sought after by every team in the league. If he can impress through workouts and private interviews prior to draft day, Bryant will surely hear his name called in the top half of the first round, even as high as the top 5.