Bruce Campbell
6’7, 310 pounds | Offensive tackle | Maryland

Awareness: There seem to be some awareness issues with Campbell. He’ll become complacent at times during games and get lazy in his technique. Still, he seems like an intelligent football player who is learning more and more how to recognize stunts. Still, Campbell only started 17 games and is a work in progress in this area.

Initial Quickness: Displays good quickness, but he also played a lot out of a two-point stance. In the pros he’ll have to play with a hand down, and that may affect his quickness on the snap. Gets set smoothly and quickly, especially in the run game. Has good recovery quickness to make up for a slight lack of technical ability.

Movement: Moves around really nicely in space. Used to come down the line more than most tackles. Shows good footwork. Moves to his outside well when mirroring. Takes on linebackers nicely when working on the second level. Quite agile for an offensive lineman.

Pass Blocking: Does a really nice job of maximizing his natural length in pass blocking. Played in a blocking scheme that regularly used zone techniques. Because of that, Campbell routinely got help in pass blocking. He may have to learn some how to play on an island. Has shown he has the quickness to handle speed rushers on the outside. Where Campbell needs to improve here is against bull rushers. Doesn’t always get his hands in proper position and lets defenders get under him. If Campbell can keep his pads lower, he should become a very good pass blocker.

Pulling/Trapping: Although tackles aren’t typically used on pulls, Campbell is solid in this department. He moves smoothly in space and attacks on the second level.

Run Blocking: The common misconception about Campbell is that he’s a finesse blocker who struggles in the run game. However, Campbell is very good in this area. He does an excellent job of attacking at the point of attack and driving defenders back. Rarely needs help blocking in this area. Gets his base wide and plants his feet in the ground. If he gets a bit stronger in his lower body, he could quickly become one of the best run-blocking tackles in the NFL.

Size: Possesses optimum height and length to stay at left tackle. Is a very lean offensive lineman.

Strength: Solid but not spectacular strength. Most of Campbell’s power is in his upper body. Has a long, angular frame that can probably hold 15 more pounds of bulk. Where Campbell needs to get stronger is in his lower body.

Technique: Here is where Campbell needs to be more consistent. His hand-placement needs to improve. Campbell also needs to do a better job of shuffling his legs. Needs to be more consistent in his power step following his kick slide to seal off the inside rush lane.

Final Word: Campbell is one of the most intriguing players in this year’s draft. He’s an incredible athlete for an offensive lineman and a natural left tackle. His quickness, upper body strength and size make him ready for the NFL right now, even though he came out following his junior season.

Campbell’s an attractive talent because he’s shown he can handle a man and zone scheme. This could give him the advantage over other early entrants Bryan Bulaga and Anthony Davis, who are almost strictly man blockers.

Where Campbell gets negative points is in his inconsistent technique, which could give a line coach fits. Campbell also has a growing history of injuries. Missed time in 2009 with turf toe and an injury to his medial collateral ligament. Campbell started only 17 games in his career, which is a big red flag. Campbell may define the term “boom or bust prospect.”