Terrence Cody
6’5, 365 pounds | Defensive tackle | Alabama

Pass rush: Average, at best, against the pass. Doesn’t have the agility or speed to get to the passer fast enough. Routinely gets taken out of games on obvious passing downs. Doesn’t always seem to try hard against the pass.

Pursuit: Cody’s lateral movement is almost non-existant. Cody has one direction – straight. He barely moves left to right.

Quickness: Shows a good first step to get into position. However, Cody doesn’t necessarily have explosive agility to move around.

Run defend: Cody’s size allows him to be a premier run stuffer. He takes up multiple blockers and is hard to move off the line of scrimmage. Clogs running lanes really well and forces runners to go outside. Gets off blockers really well.

Size: The size Cody possesses is unique. Most high-end defensive line prospects don’t come out of college this big. Cody is massive throughout his frame and packed with strength. He has had some weight issues and will need a strength coach to keep on him.

Strength: Unbelievably strong. Even though he’s almost constantly double teamed, Cody can move blockers around with ease. Can tear blockers away with ease.

Tackling: Cody is a devastating tackler. He engulfs the ball carrier and pancakes them. Typically gets a lot of his tackles while still being blocked.

Technique: When Cody is trying hard, his technique is actually fairly sound. He keeps his hands inside the pads of blockers and sinks his hips to drive. However, Cody can get lazy and stop using his fundamentals.

Versatility: Has virtually no versatility. He’s a defensive tackle and that’s it. Cody is too slow to play on the outside or even drop back in zone coverage.

Final word: Cody’s mystique greatly out-weighs his production. He will be over-drafted because he’s such a unique player playing in a position of strong need.

Cody’s size and strength is very rare. When he’s playing hard, Cody is stellar against the run. But one of the big problems with Cody is that his effort isn’t always 100 percent.

Training camp will be tough on Cody as he’ll have to really get into shape to find playing time.