Sergio Kindle- Texas

Scout: Matt Miller

Height/Weight: 6’4/239

40 Time:

Ideal System: 3-4

Pro Potential: DeMarcus Ware- Dallas Cowboys

Position Traits:

Coverage/Zone defense skills: Has the speed to run with receivers, tight ends and backs. Is a little slow reading and reacting to the quarterback. Is quick adjusting to pass plays- gets to the flats in a hurry when given pass responsibility. Limited experience in coverage, but Kindle has the skills to become a playmaker. Does a good job knocking down passes and getting his hands up.

Instincts/Recognition: Is a quick read from the defensive end/elephant position in the Texas hybrid defense. Is best when able to freelance and make plays in the open field. Can be tricked by misdirection and too quickly relies on his speed and strength instead of reading the offense. Loses sight of the ball carrier at times. Can be described as wreckless in his pass rush at times.

Pass Rush: Speed, strength, athleticism and size are off the charts. Has elite-level speed and closing quickness. Very fast off the ball. Has experience playing in a three-point and two-point stance. Shows great explosion. Has a good bull rush and will use it to overrun backs in blitz pick-up. Needs to do a better job of using his hands to disengage tackles and guards. Tries to outrun most blockers. Must develop secondary moves. Has a nice shoulder dip. Great flexibility in his hips allows him to take angles that most pass rushers cannot.

Pursuit/Lateral movement and agility: Has great speed and agility. Loses sight of the ball too often and falls back in pursuit. Is late to react at times. Has no trouble running down backs and receivers. Closes quickly and aggressively on the quarterback. Turns the corner well. Good agility (footwork, balance, flexibility).

Quickness/Explosion: Will test off the charts at the Combine and Senior Bowl. Is a flash off the line of scrimmage and will beat most tackles off the ball- especially right tackles.

Strength/Ability to shed blocks: Struggles when locked up. Must learn to use his hands, as well as secondary moves to bypass blockers. Top-level strength. Has gotten stronger in his senior season by dropping weight and adding muscle.

Tackling: A violent tackler. Kindle has great strength and speed- and combines them when hitting the ball carrier. Great arm length allows him to wrap up and stop plays at the line of scrimmage.

Versatility: Has proven that he can play as a defensive end in the 4-3, or an outside linebacker in either the 3-4 or 4-3. Similar to former teammate and Washington Redskin Brian Orakpo- who has excelled at outside linebacker in his rookie season.

The Final Word: What most scouts will point to first are nagging injuries during Kindle’s first two seasons, as well as off-field issues. Kindle actually drove his truck into an apartment in Austin (however no charges were filed). Has grown up considerably in his last two seasons. Kindle is now considered a leader on the team and has shown he can be reliable and responsible. Credit Will Muschamp for his maturation as a player and individual.

Kindle has the skill set to see his stock soar during the pre-draft process. His size, strength and speed at the position will make him a valued prospect to 3-4 teams.